Meet the Author

Erik Baum- International Sales Manager - CT Domestic

CT, Nuclear PET/CT, Trailers and Modular Buildings Domestic Wholesale - All Modalities International

Erik earned his degree from a University in Germany. There, he was educated about the needs of international clients, and learned the different business cultures of the world. While a salesman first, Erik is a logistical and operational professional as well, and can adapt to successfully bring large projects to completion. On his personal time, Erik loves to travel (especially to his mountain home out west) and attend concerts of all musical genres. In the past year he has seen Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Taylor Swift, Elton John, and Pearl Jam.  Plus, he will admit to seeing Justin Bieber again (we don't believe him when he blames it on the kids). Despite all of his work and fun time, Erik still devotes a significant amount of time doing volunteer work with people in need.



212-366-9100 x 140 or email