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HCP Reverse Expo Provides Important Imaging Connections

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Thu, May 31, 2012 @ 09:05 AM

“It’s hard to connect with potential clients at conventions.” “My booth is in a bad location.” “My calls never make it past the receptionist, but I know if I could reach this key decision maker, she’d appreciate this business opportunity.”

These are common complaints in the business world, but thanks to the ingenuity of Health Connect Partners, you won’t be hearing complaints like these at the Reverse Expo during its annual convention, recently held in Miami.  That’s because HCP created an event that makes it easy for radiology vendors like Atlantis Worldwide and potential customers and key decision makers to connect in a simple and meaningful way.

Each year, more than 150 radiology managers, senior hospital execs and imaging chain company leaders attend this two-day convention.  Sure, there are informative sessions and presentations at the convention, but there’s also the Reverse Expo—where providers (or potential customers) sit in a clearly identified booth.  Vendor attendees are provided with a “map” of provider locations, and can develop a strategy that enables them to connect face to face with imaging decisions makers.

With good preparation, a vendor like us can meet with all 150 potential customers, provide a brief 3-5 minute introduction to our products and services, and identify the needs of each radiology customer.  We don’t just sit in a booth and hope our best potential customers will happen to see our booth—which happens at other conventions.

This format presents such a win-win opportunity for vendors and potential customers, that Atlantis Worldwide is happy to be a corporate sponsor of this event.  We also host a hospitality suite complete with entertainment, food and beverages, for further networking opportunities with potential customers:  those who may want to sell their existing MRI. CT, C-Arms or other systems, or may need to acquire new technologies and refurbished systems.

In today’s business climate, when time is short, budgets are tight and personal interactions seem more impersonal and less effective, we’re thrilled to have an opportunity to connect with potential customers in a much more meaningful way.  Thanks, HCP!

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