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Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Medical Equipment from a Stocking Dealer

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:11 PM

Buying from a Stocking Dealer is usually not the cheapest way to buy used and refurbished medical equipment.  It’s not.  Think about it… they do things like pay to pick-up and deliver the equipment to their location, compensate extra staff, and spread out the costs of forklifts and other warehouse equipment. So, why buy equipment from a firm with the actual systems in their warehouse?  Why does it make sense to sometimes pay a little more than buying from a broker? 

Systems Available When Needed:

When plans are in place to take delivery of a system, it can cost dearly if the unit becomes delayed or unavailable because the existing owner has a construction issue or change of mind.  If you are reading this, chances are you’re involved in the decision process… chances are you’ll be one of the people getting hammered with the anger from your partners, bosses or staff if the system isn’t there when needed.  When it’s in a Stocking Dealer’s warehouse, there’s no doubt about receiving the equipment on schedule. 

Inspections & Trouble Shooting:

Stocking Dealers inspect systems to confirm condition and functionality prior to removal from the original owner. They also test and troubleshoot systems at their warehouse before delivery to the next user.  With cost cutting and budgets such a focus now, it’s taxing for a piece of equipment to arrive at the Point of Care and not operate.  No one wants major repairs required when the system should already be functioning for patients. 

Glaring Deficiencies Addressed: 

Cracked covers can be repaired. Re-painting is possible.  A thorough exterior cleaning occurs.  The fine points that can mean the difference between a wonderful transaction for the provider, leading to a long-term relationship, or a “Whatever… thanks… later” deal that brings little goodwill for the future.  In addition, full Refurbishments can be done; replacing monitors, X-ray tubes, broken knobs, and more, as well as proper calibration. The idea is to have firms like Atlantis Worldwide prevent surprises for you. 

Professional Packing & Transport:

There’s great comfort in knowing that people who specialize in medical devices are handling the equipment.  The last thing someone wants to see is their MRI on the latest episode of the A&E network’s ‘Shipping Wars’.  There’s little that’s more troubling than seeing a huge outward crack in a crate that is caused by a C-Arm or CT that wasn’t properly secured to the pallet.  These aren’t issues for those buying from Stocking Dealers who do this work daily.

You Get What You Pay ForBroker

Sure… money can be saved by buying from an Internet Jockey who spends their day sitting on the living room couch in a bathrobe and slippers (except in those rare moments when they put on a suit to meet their prospective clients).  However, what happens when there’s a problem with the system discovered at removal… if the site was wrong when it said the unit would fit out the doors… when there are extra expenses for removal, shipping, and delays?  These things should never be your concern, but they become huge problems if you work with someone without resources.  They are never your concern for systems already waiting for you in one of the two warehouses of an industry leader like Atlantis Worldwide.  This is definitely one of the times when working with a Stocking Dealer provides big savings, because they are professionals who fix these problems without asking you for more money.  This is why you absolutely want to work with a Stocking Dealer.  Feel free to visit the Atlantis Worldwide warehouse to see the benefits for yourself.


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