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OEC Elite CFD C-Arm or Siemens CIOS Alpha C-Arm?

Posted by Alex Silbergleit on Wed, Mar 13, 2024 @ 11:03 AM

If you’re looking for a new fully digital C-Arm for your facility, OEC and Siemens are two of the largest, most respected manufacturers.OEC Elite CFD -Siemens CIOS A

You can be sure you’ll get high quality with either one. But if you want a flat-panel detector model, which is the right one for you? Let’s take a closer look at hardware, technology and ownership experience elements of both.

Field of View

The Elite CFD from OEC comes out slightly ahead of the Seimens Cios Alpha, with a larger-size option that measures 31cm X 31CM. The Cios Alpha is slightly smaller at 30 CM X 30cm. If your imaging requirements do not require the largest detector size however, the Elite CFD has another detector option at 21cm X 21cm.

Generator Power

When it comes to sheer power, Seimens Cios Alpha is the clear winner. Siemens Cios Alpha provides the options for a 25kW generator, while the standard OEC Elite CFD produces 15kW. It’s true that a 15kW generator is sufficient for most patient volume levels, but if your facility specializes in more demanding work like Bariatrics, lateral abdominals and run-offs, the extra power you’d get with a Cios Alpha can make a difference.

Control Accessibility

When it comes to control accessibility, it’s kind of a toss-up. Both have full controls on the workstation as well as the C-arm. They also both have a “hotspot” reference monitor on the C-arm plus an integrated laser aimer for precise positioning.


Both the Siemens and the OEC have leading edge detectors. Each have a complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) detectors.


There are significant differences between the monitors on the Siemens Cios Alpha and the OES Elite CFD. The Elite CFD only has one 27” monitor on an articulating are that will extend 27” and provides a full range of motion. The Cios Alpha has two 19” monitors with a certain degree of rotation flexibility.

Overall Footprint

There isn’t a clear winner regarding the overall footprint of these two C-arms. However, there is a more dramatic difference in their weight.

  • Cios Alpha: C-arm- 77.6 x 32.7 x 65, Workstation- 27.6 x 29.1 x 70.7
  • Elite CFD: C-arm 80.25 x 33.2 x 70.75, Workstation- 25.8 x 34.1 x 67.5
  • Cios Alpha Total Weight: 1,304 - 1,321 lbs.
  • Elite CFD Total Weight: 1,038 - 1,088 lbs.

Note: system weight will vary based on which generator and detector options are chosen.


The Elite CFD isn’t as readily available on the secondary market as the CIOS Alpha. After all, the CIOS Alpha has been in production for six years compared to three with the Elite CFD.


The Elite CFD is better when it comes to maintenance and repair. With the OEC C-Arm, it’s easier to find service from a third-party, costs less and will have fewer proprietary restrictions than service for the Siemens CIOS Alpha.


Big factors on pricing include the date of manufacture and the software package the C-arm comes with. Because the Elite CFD is likely to be newer, it will also cost more. On the secondary market, you can expect to pay less for either model.

Talk To An Expert

Both of these C-Arms are high-quality systems that can fit the needs of your facility. However, it’s wise to talk to an expert like Atlantis Worldwide to determine which one work better for you.

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