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9 Common Issues With X-Ray Machines & Calls to Action

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Oct 4, 2023 @ 15:10 PM

There’s nothing more frustrating than when a machine you depend upon doesn’t work. This especially holds true with X-ray machines.9 Issues with X-Rays What do you do if it suddenly shuts down? Or won’t turn on? There are some common problems that can occur occasionally with some X-ray machines and some pretty easy ways to troubleshoot the issues. The team of experts at Atlantis Worldwide put together this list to help you understand and potentially solve the issue.

The guide rail is jamming while it moves. When this happened, you can’t get a test sample into the machine properly, which delays the production process. This usual cause of this in an electrical fault. You’ll need to call an experienced technician to repair it.

Your X-ray machines restarts automatically after booting without entirely booting. This means you can’t use the X-ray machine to perform an analysis. You should first check the cooling system for debris and dust which could be preventing the fan from working. Clean the fan and restart. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try uninstalling the operating system and reinstall the latest version. If that doesn’t work, run an antivirus program to clear any malware that might be on your computer. 

The X//Y/Z and R axis only moves in one direction. The X/Y/Z and R axis. Try going to the data calibration area of the software and reset the values of the X, Y, Z ad R axis.

There’s a blurring effect in X-ray imaging. There are several possible issues causing this. You might have undesirable scatter X-rays. Try using narrower X-ray beams by controlling their width from the console. You can also use the grids below the sample object under inspection. You can also try using minimal focus points between 0.5mm-1.0mm to eliminate the blurring.

The X-ray radiation center isn’t aligning with the image center. That means part of the object could be missing from an image, which makes it difficult to make an accurate assessment and delivers inadequate results. Your positioning might be off, due to a lack of guides when you place the sample on the platform. Make sure you get these from the manufacturer. Then make sure the sample is placed firmly so it can’t twist its position.

You press the “start” button and there’s no output data. Sometimes the computer will engage a default procedure written in the software to avoid using the start button accidentally. This could cause an error in analysis. Just go to your computer’s data output settings and set the number of repetitions to a relatively large number.

Long delays in seeing the X-ray images. This is usually the result of a weak signal from the X-ray projections on the sample. Just adjust the amount of radiation reaching the detector from the console by increasing the voltage released from the tune generator.

Part of the image isn’t visible on the X-ray machine. This can be caused by an inverted radiograph. Just turn the radiograph back to the proper position. In some cases this can be caused by a scratched screen, which would require a new one. Overexposure could also be responsible for the missing part of the image and in that situation, reduce the object’s exposure on the X-ray machine’s menu.

There’s no computer output for the X-ray machine. This can happen if you haven’t set the software parameters, including brightness, sharpness, gain, filtering contrast ratio and integrated frame number. Try clicking the reset button and reset the parameters. Another possibility is that the output serial port settings aren’t matching the software serial port setting. Check and reset both. Static Electricity on the data line could also cause this, which can be solved by reconnecting the ground connections. 

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