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Asking The Right Questions About an MRI Suite

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Jan 29, 2020 @ 10:01 AM

Looking for a new MRI for your hospital, clinic, imaging facility or practice? Good for you! There are lots of new, refurbished and usedMRI Suite Blog MRI options for you in the marketplace. However, it’s important to know that an MRI scanner is one of the most complicated when it comes to logistical challenges, technical knowledge and site planning. Before you pull the trigger on an MRI, it’s wise to be prepared. The experts at Atlantis Worldwide have prepared this list of tips and answers from frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process.

It all starts with determining the size of the room that’s required for an MRI suite. And actually, it doesn’t require one room, but THREE: a Scan Room, Equipment Room and Control Room.

The Scan Room is where the MRI and table are located and where your patients will be scanned. In the Equipment Room, your gradient cabinets, compressors and other electronics that connect to the magnet will reside. The Control Room is where your technologist will work during the scan. It requires a workstation with a computer and monitor, a desk, chair and other miscellaneous office equipment.

In many MRI Suites you’ll also find a Bonus Room or Changing Room for patients, which improves the patient experience and provides storage for QA phantoms, manuals and other system accessories.

The next consideration is the MRI Suite dimensions, which vary by manufacturer.  However, for most 1.5T models the requirements are:

  • Scan Room: 21 ft. 6” X 13 ft. 4” with an 8 ft. 9” ceiling height after shielding
  • Equipment Room: 11 ft. X 11 ft. 6” with an 8 ft. ceiling height after shielding
  • Control Room: 12 ft. X 8 ft. (accommodates a workstation, desk/chair and a little storage area)

There are two types of RF Shielding for MRI Scanners. When planning your space for MRI, it’s actually wise to increase the minimum space needed to work in each area in order to reduce service time. If you only provide minimal space to work in, service personnel have to work more cautiously. In addition, if there are any HVAC or system-related upgrades needed in the future, a little more room is always a good idea.

Talk to An Expert

As a rule, the first step in the MRI Scanner selection process should be talking with a project manager or vendor to discuss the layout of your MRI Suite. You want to be sure to have the ideal layout for patient comfort and staff workflow. The experts at Atlantis Worldwide have been providing medical imaging solutions for hospitals, practices, clinics, veterinary clinics and healthcare facilities for more than 27 years. We’d love to assist you with your project.  Contact Us Today!

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