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Refurbishing a C-Arm Inside and Out

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Fri, Oct 19, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Purchasing a refurbished C-Arm is a great investment for a private practice that is just starting out, a cost-conscious hospital looking to upgrade their radiology equipment, or any medical facility that is looking for a sensible solution while maintaining a high quality of care. The catch in this market is what “refurbished” means to one company may be different from what “refurbished” means to another. Some companies say they refurbish C-Arms, but in reality all they do is give the C-arm a paint job, and while that’s important, it’s not enough. So before you get to the buying stage, make sure you read this article, it will clearly outline all the things you should know and expect from a refurbished C-Arm. 

It Keeps Going, Until It Doesn’t

At the very least, a preowned C-Arm should have new batteries installed. All the different working parts to a C-Arm require different batteries, so when you purchase your refurbished C-Arm, all of these batteries should be of equal strength. Also key to a refurbished C-Arm being worth the cost is the installation of new cathode ray tubes (CRT’s) into the monitor. Original CRT’s tend to have burn in and can affect the image quality of your picture. If you want your refurbished C-Arm to work “like new,” insist on new CRTs. 

Refurbished C-ArmFor Your Eyes Only:

A key step in the refurbishing process is the deletion of all prior data from the machine. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) was designed in 1996 to protect private medical information for all patients. HIPAA established these strict guidelines for record keeping, record storage and communication in the medical and health insurance fields. This relates to C-Arm records as well, and the law requires that all patient information must be removed prior to the resale of a C-Arm.

Looks As Good As It Works

It’s important to get the inner working mechanisms of the device cleaned, updated and reassembled, but a refurbished C-Arm should also be made to be equally presentable and look as good as new. Exterior pieces should be sanded as necessary, making sure to remove all dents by smoothing them out or filling them in. After a primer coat has been used and is dried, 2 coats of high quality polyurethane paint should be applied before reassembly.

Moving C-Arm 

Check Each Step

The following 5 steps are crucial if you are looking for a refurbished C-Arm that will last. Use this checklist as key points to look for in a device you are considering:

  • The C-Arm should have been dismantled, cleaned and disinfected during the refurbishment process
  • While the C-Arm was dismantled all circuit boards and cables should have been checked and replaced as needed
  • Any fasteners that were corroded should be replaced with stainless steel hardware
  • The C-Arm collimator should have been calibrated and dose output set to meet current FDA regulations. Regulations are amended and updated from time to time, so it’s crucial to make sure updates are current
  • The Image Intensifier referred to as the II should be checked and calibrated to specifications

Always Know Before You Go

Finally, every company should have a detailed list of their specific process for refurbishing a C-Arm. Review the list and make sure all the key elements we touched on are there so you know the C-Arm you choose works as good on the inside as it may look to you on the outside.

Click below for the step-by-step process that Atlantis Worldwide follows when we refurbish our high quality C-Arms:

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