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The Most Important thing to Bring to RSNA: CT Images!

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

Want to see the power of SafeCT technology for yourself?  You know, it’s the add-on system for all CT Scanners (4 slice and up) that boosts your diagnostic image quality for any exposure parameters.  Just bring your low-dose study, and we’ll process it with SafeCT at the Medic Vision Booth #4444, Hall A.  You’ll be able to see the amazing results right on the spot!  SafeCT turns low-dose, noisy CT images into high quality images quickly and easily.  Plus, you’ll then be eligible to win a FREE 60-Day Trial with SafeCT at your facility!  Even if you don’t win, you’ll earn a discount on our exclusive Try & Buy SafeCT program.

 Medic Vision Low Dose

Not able to attend RSNA?  Don’t worry!  You can send us your low-dose study, hear the results and be entered in the drawing for the FREE 60-Day Trial with SafeCT at your facility!  And if you don’t win, you’ll still earn a discount on our exclusive Try & Buy SafeCT program. 

What SAFECT Can Do For You

This incredible universal CT image reconstruction add-on system works with all CT Scanners from every vendor, including GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips and more. (4 slice and up)

• Delivers high quality diagnostic images for any exposure parameters

• There’s no change to your clinical workflow—it upgrades your images automatically!

• You don’t have to replace or upgrade your current CT Scanner to get these much-improved images

• The FDA has cleared SAFECT—so you can take advantage of this solution that uses

 GIRR3D (Generic Iterative Retrospective Reconstruction in 3D)


How to Be Eligible to Win or Earn Your Trial Discount:

Bring your sample study to the Medic Vision Booth 4444, Hall A at the RSNA Show or send it to Medic Vision before the show.  Email Medicvision for upload instructions. Your sample study—scanned with the exposure parameters of your choice—must conform to this criteria.

• Bring a contiguous-volume brain, chest or abdomen/pelvis scan loaded onto a pluggable USB flash drive or thumb drive

• Include proper patient anonymization

• DICOM format

• Acquired and reconstructed with one uniform 2.0mm slice

• 1 slice spacing < slice thickness

• 1 study size: single series, < 500 slices

• 1 soft tissue reconstruction filter


Attend an Informative SafeCT Presentation

You’ll want to learn more about this impressive new solution that can upgrade your current CT Scanner.  Plan on attending one of these seminars!

Primary Category: Gastrointestinal    Secondary Category: CT Technique

  • Hear the results from a prospective clinical study at Massachusetts General Hospital to assess image-based iterative reconstruction for abdominal CT acquired at three radiation dose levels.  Sunday, November 25 at 12:05 pm in Room E353A. 

Primary Category: Chest    Secondary Category: Radiation Dose Reduction

  • See a comparison of reconstruction approaches for improving low dose CT images.  Sunday November, 25 at 13:00 in Lakeside Learning Center.  This study was done by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

SafeCT can upgrade your CT Scans without blowing your budget!  Find out more about this amazing new technology by attending a presentation, having your own CT scan examined.




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