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#RSNA13 Wrap-up: Radiological Society of North America Show

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Dec 18, 2013 @ 10:12 AM

For TWENTY years Atlantis has spent our post-Thanksgiving holiday at McCormick Center exhibiting at the RSNA.    Following is a few comments and thoughts by our team about the RSNA 2013:

Norm Tessell, FACHE - Director of Business Development/Imaging Systems

There was a time when not only all of McCormick was filled with exhibitors and attendees, but the mantras of “build it and they will come” and “show it and it will be sold” permeated throughout the floor. While the 2013 RSNA is still an excellent venue to exhibit new technology developed by large OEMs and smaller companies, the free wheeling frenzy of the past is long gone.Atlantis Worldwide

The changing environment of healthcare in general and radiology in particular has impacted the buying process. But even more important, the primary focus of hospitals has changed and unless exhibitors were speaking about patient satisfaction and the patient experience, optimizing clinical quality and improvements of cost accountability, then those seeking purchasing for the sake of technology alone probably missed the boat and may have delayed their capture of a segment of the capital budget for the current and possibly the next fiscal year.

As always, Atlantis’ focus in our conversations with our booth visitors was to better understand current concerns and problems and assist with strategies and solutions.   The radiology industry is at a critical crossroad fraught with diminishing revenue and a changing paradigm as the Affordable Health Care Act is implemented.

For over twenty years Atlantis Worldwide has met with our customers face to face at the RSNA so we can better understand how to assist you in “extending the life” of your radiology equipment and expand your capital budgets and technology by utilizing refurbished radiology equipment and our flexible service programs.   Until next year!

Erik Baum - International Sales Manager - CT Domestic Wholesale

So, another year in Chicago…  With the return to two main exhibition halls, it at least seemed as if things were somewhat busier than the past couple of years.  It was great to reconnect with several folks, and get concrete determinations of our customers’ requirements for 2014.  As our refurbished radiology industry keeps evolving, it is important to maintain old relationships and to reach out and meet new people in our business.  It is always interesting to walk the floor and see the latest and greatest technologies.  As always, RSNA in Chicago provided another year of good times, good meals, and good business.

Alex Silbergleit - Sales Associate-Acquisition Team Leader

There was a lot of skepticism heading into the RSNA this year. The fear was that attendance would be down thanks largely to budgeting concerns stemming from a poor economy and the impact that the Affordable Care Act would have on our industry. I am happy to report that the show was a great success!  Not only were we able to have face-to-face meetings with a lot of the clients we've done business with over the past year, but our book giveaway generated a lot of traffic to our booth, of which a lot of great contacts were made. We are excited to reach out to all the people that we spoke with in the coming weeks and we are certain that it will result in many great business relationships as we head into 2014. 

Aston Diaz Latin America Sales Director

The show this year did not have the traffic from Latin America as in past years but I did get to see some faces that I know and that is always a pleasure. Quality time with our customers is what the RSNA is about.  Expanding our contacts in the domestic MRI market was an important part of it.  I am looking forward to a new year and I know the contacts that I have made will make it worthwhile.

Atlantis Booth RSNAVikki Harmonay Marketing Director

Enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by! If you forgot to pick up your free ebooks 1) Dose Radiation Track- Monitor & Lower - you can download a copy -click here or 2) Extend the life of Your Medical Imaging Equipment or Replace it? - you can download a copy- click here! 

Tim Lamb Sales Manager SafeCT & Scannerside

I recently attended my 25th or 26th RSNA in Chicago, quite frankly I don’t really remember how many I have attended, but I know it is in excess of 20. My first RSNA was back in 1985 and man was it a different show!

My most distinct memories of those early RSNA’s is the raw volume of people that attended “way back then.”  I remember every day being crammed with attendees, not just on Monday and Tuesday.  There were so many people on the floors each day that you literally could not fall down in the aisles!  I am sure that the new emerging technologies like CT and MRI were big reasons why people attended the show; but just as importantly, it was the nightlife after the show that attracted people as well.

Over the past few years attendance has been lower.  There is no longer CME and travel funds available for radiology personnel to attend the meeting.

The changes that are transforming healthcare driven by the Affordable Care Act affect all subspecialties of medicine including radiology.  The interaction with our colleagues and customers at the RSNA will help Atlantis better understand how to serve our customers.

 Jeff Weiss - President/CEO

After twenty-one years of exhibiting at the RSNA, I still find this event to be the most exhausting and exhilarating week of the year.   The RSNA along with the radiology industry has changed over the years.   The days of crowded aisles jammed packed booths and extravagant evening events are long gone.   The days of easy money, an imaging center in every strip mall, and just install a MR, CT, or PET and sit back a watch your patient flow rise are also long gone.  New “must have” technology introduced at every RSNA and the money to buy these new toys is also a story of the distant past.    In many respects because of the paradigm-changing environment in health care and specifically in radiology over the past few years, the RSNA is even more valuable to Atlantis Worldwide and our customers and suppliers than in the bustling easy days of the past.   The RSNA provides all of us with a time and place to spend quality face to face time with each other, so we can better understand current problems and how we can work with our clients and suppliers to strategize and provide solutions with Atlantis’ quality refurbished radiology systems, flexible service options, creative financing, and upgrades like Scannerside dose monitoring software and SafeCT iterative reconstruction dose lowering software.

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