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Marketing 101: How to Attract New Patients with Your Low-Dose CT!

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Thu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 10:01 AM

Radiation dose has become a growing concern for clinicians and patients alike, especially when children have been referred for a medical imaging test. Everyone wants to know more about the risks and benefits of CT scans, X-rays and other forms of medical imaging. When is it necessary? Is it safe? What are the alternatives? Patients want answers, so they can make more informed decisions for themselves and their families. 

Today, patients are having more studies, which makes it imperative for your hospital or imaging center to be aware of the radiation dose that patients are receiving and ways to minimize it. The good news is, your imaging center or hospital can now assure patients that they are receiving the lowest possible radiation dose while receiving the highest quality CT scan. So how do you get the word out?

1) Your website is a place to begin. The fact that you offer low radiation dose with medical imaging should be featured on your home page, so it’s easy to find and won’t be overlooked.  This is an important issue and there are probably patients who are specifically looking for low dose radiation.  Use a headline that attracts attention like, “Introducing Ultra Low Dose CT Scans.”  You can also feature a Q & A section that includes questions like, “Need a CT scan? Is a CT scan necessary? Are X-rays safe? What is an Ultra Low Dose CT Scan?  Will a Low Dose CT Scan still provide high quality digital images?”

When providing the answers in your Q & A, be specific.  Explain what procedures you use to accomplish “Ultra Low Dose.”  For example: “By using novel FDA-cleared software on our CT scanners, we are now able to reduce radiation dose by 50-80% (SafeCT) compared with conventional scanners on the market. This proprietary technology substantially reduces image noise, allowing lower radiation dose exposure settings without compromising image quality and diagnostic information.”

It’s also wise to find out if you have competitors in the area that offer Low Dose CT Scans.  If there isn’t, you can promote this as being “new” technology exclusively offered within your (50 mile) radius.

2) Promote the availability of Ultra Lose Dose CT Scans in your lobby, either using posters on easels, counter cards or flyers in elevators or bathrooms. Sample copy could be “Ask about our “Ultra Low Dose CT.”   

3) Distribute a newsletter or e-newsletter that introduces the availability of this new technology at your place of business.  Be sure to list the benefits of Ultra Lose Dose CT Scans and why your facility is the best place to get it. 

4) Host an open house at your facility. Invite your current clients, referring physicians, neighborhood business owners and residents. Feature a tour of your facility during the reception. Screen a video that explains the technology or have a staff member make a short presentation, including a Q & A session. Of course, serve refreshments and distribute a small handout, as well.  Inform local media about your special event.

5) Present all CT scan patients with a handout that provides information about Low Does CT Scans.  The copy should inform the patient about the benefits of these scans. 

6) Place informative pamphlets in all waiting areas.

7) Consider promoting the availability of Low Dose CT Scans in traditional and digital media.  Send a press release to all newspapers, consider placing ads in newspapers and on radio stations, and consider advertising your services on Facebook.  Make sure your website is search engine optimized for key words like Low Dose CT Scans, low dose medical imaging, safe CT scans and low dose radiation. 

These are just a few of the ways to promote the availability of Lose Dose CT Scans at your hospital, clinic or facility.  Some are more costly than others, so plan according to your budget.  Just remember—it’s important to keep the wording simple, honest and easy-to-understand.  And always provide a way for potential and current patients to get more information, either through email, telephone or a web address.  

For more information on marketing please contact Vikki Harmonay - 212-366-9100. 

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