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Your Roadmap to the Perfect MRI Installation

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Thu, Mar 6, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

If you’re planning an MRI for your practice, clinic, hospital or medical facility, brace yourself.  Because once you’ve decided which MRI is right for you—be it new or pre-owned, a replacement of an existing unit or a totally new install—there are even more things you have to plan for!  Here’s a checklist that can help you during the process.

roadmri1Designing the MRI Suite

It’s wise to turn to your equipment provider for a design and site-specific drawings for your MRI suite.  This plan needs to take workflow and MRI system requirements into account, and should include:

  • Scan Room
  • Control Room
  • Computer Equipment Room

Your architect and engineer will need to review the typical and equipment site plan and apply engineering requirements to allocate space appropriately for workflow and system operation.  These include:

  • System Delivery Path
  • Floor Loading Requirements
  • Floor Leveling
  • Ceiling Height requirements
  • Access for Cryogens
  • Cryogen Venting
  • Access for Cryogen Venting according to designs
  • Chiller Area
  • Reading Area
  • Cryogen Access and Storage

Site Specific Room Planning

The RF and Magnetic Shielding designs should be based on measurements taken by the RF and shielding manufacturer. The goal is to protect the magnetic field homogeneity.  The shielding company will then provide you with a site specific room plan. This will include:

  • Amount and location of Steel Shielding (if needed)
  • Location and shimming requirements for structural steel
  • Methods to deal with ferrous structures and objects
  • Methods to deal with moving ferrous objects
  • Design of RF Shielded door and windows
  • Patient protection for ferrous materials
  • Acoustic shielding
  • Appropriate filters

The Secondary MRI Area will include:

  • PACS/RIS/ Network Area
  • Patient Dressing and Preparation Area
  • Patient Waiting and Reception Area
  • Convenient Rest Room Facilities
  • Soiled and Clean Areas, as Required

Support Areas will include:

  • Administrative Area
  • Meeting Rooms (if required)
  • Storage Area
  • Other Offices

Pre Construction considerations include:

  • Delivery Path of Magnet
  • Chiller Area
  • Facility HVAC systems
  • Fire Protection

HVAC, Electrical and Mechanical Requirements include:

  • Electrical Requirements
  • HVAC for MRI Suite, Control Room and Computer Room
  • Water Chiller and appropriate plumbing
  • Cryogen venting
  • Fire Detection
  • Lighting


Please check out our blog on Top 4 Considerations Before Installing an MRI for additional information.

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts to planning an MRI installation.  However, by leaning on experts like engineers, manufacturers and companies like Atlantis Worldwide, you can reduce planning, construction and installation headaches!  Contact Us Today!

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