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Siemens Emotion CT Scanners: The Slice Difference

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Tue, Mar 25, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

As the market for refurbished CT’s continues to grow, our customers have been asking for information about a wide variety of CT systems for 6-slice, 16-slice and 64-slice CTs. While Atlantis Worldwide can provide you with virtually any refurbished CT system, today, we’re going to focus on the Siemens EMOTION.

Siemens Emotion 6 First of all, Siemens prides itself on offering a variety of systems that can meet the needs of any practice, facility, hospital or clinic. And although we see lots of customers who begin their search by looking at GE CT systems, many customers see value in the Siemens Emotion CT Product offerings.

The Emotion brand was launched with the Duo in 2002 and has been considered ideal for medium-sized and community hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and medical group practices. It delivers excellent image quality, fast volume coverage and includes high-end applications. It is air-cooled and provides easy siting locating in as little as 18 m2 (194 ft2). Best of all, the Emotion is competitively priced, offers a great value or price/performance ratio and provides a perfect entry to advanced multi slice technology. 

The Emotion CT system originally offered a basic dose-saving technique.  However, recent advances like SafeCT, an Atlantis Worldwide option, makes these systems capable of providing both low dose and high technology CT systems.  The low cost is another strong selling point.

The Standard Emotion 6 comes complete with:

  • 6 x 0.5mm to 6x 3mm collimation
  • 0.8s as the fastest rotation speed
  • 6 slices/rotation data acquisition
  • A standard generator of 40 kW (optional 50 kW)
  • A 5.0 MHU X-Ray Tube (originally it came with a 4.2 MHU)
  • 8 images/second reconstruction speed
  • A variety of applications, including syngo 3D Basic Viewer (MPR, SSD, MIP), syngo VRT and Workstream 4D

The Standard Emotion 16 configuration offers:

  • 16 x 0.6mm to 6x 1.2mm collimation
  • 0.6s as the fastest rotation speed
  • 16 slices/rotation data acquisition
  • A standard generator of 50 kW 
  • 5.0 MHU X-Ray Tube
  • 16 images/second reconstruction speed
  • Applications include syngo 3D Basic Viewer (MPR, SSD, MIP), syngo VRT, CARE Bolus and Workstream 4D

While all Emotion CT systems are a solid choice, there are others in the market worth considering.  If you need guidance or advice, talk to an expert like Atlantis Worldwide.  We are here to help! Contact Us

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