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C-Arm Power Comparison: Fuji Persona CS VS OEC 9900

Posted by Alex Silbergleit on Wed, Jan 10, 2024 @ 11:01 AM

Whenever a new C-Arm enters the market, comparisons begin. Now that the Fuji Persona CS has been released, comparisons are running rampant.Fuji vs OEC 9900 The first and most obvious comparison is between the Fuji Persona CS and the OEC 9900, so let’s take a closer look.

There’s a reason the new Fuji Persona CS is capturing attention in the C-arm market. It has a truly space-saving footprint, as well as 30 fps fluoroscopy, a flat-panel digital detector and quite a few other impressive features. However, when looking at the 5kW generator of the Persona CS, questions do arise.

First of all, is the generator powerful enough to handle a busy schedule with long fluoro runs? And secondly, would the OEC 9900 be better able to handle heavy workloads since it has a higher kW rating and a more affordable price tag? Let’s look at the generator and tube ratings of the OEC 9900 with the new Fuji Persona CS.

The OEC 9900

The generator of the OEC 9900 is rated for 15kW, compared with the Fuji Personal CS at only 5kW. But there’s more to the comparison that initially meets the eye.

The OEC 9900 has a generator maximum of kVp: 120, which is equal to that of the Fuji Personal CS.

The generator maximum of the OEC is mAs: 40, with Fuji delivering mAs 50.

The tube anode heat capacity of the OEC 9900 is 300,000 HU, dwarfed by the Fuji Persona CS with 414,000 HU.

And finally, the tube anode cooling rate of the OEC 9900 is 85,000 HU/min while the Fuji Persona CS is only 63,000HU/min.

The long and the short of it? Even though the Persona CS’s overall power rating is much lower, it has a higher maximum output and the tube heat capacity is similar. In fact, the Fuji CS captures an X-ray exposure at a higher level than the OEC 9900. While you might think the Fuji Persona CS would deliver compact performance with its compact size, it can absolutely keep up with the OEC 9900 for spine studies, orthopedics, pain management, general surgery, speech pathology, urology and sports medicine.

Still have questions? Talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide today, and remember oftentimes a C-Arm on the secondary market can deliver the performance you need at a much lower price point. It’s certainly worth looking at.

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