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Surgical Centers: ASCs Time To Rise Despite Covid-19

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Apr 29, 2020 @ 15:04 PM

Everyone keeps looking for the silver linings hidden in the pandemic. Which is a good thing. And while Ambulatory Surgical Centers took a big hit when elective procedures were curtailed, doing the right thing may pay off for ASCs big time.Covid-19 asca blog

As the federal government appears to be ready to open the doors of Surgical Centers, here are five reasons why ASCs are poised and ready for success.

  1. The demand for elective surgeries has not diminished during the quarantine. There’s a huge backlog just waiting for the day non elective surgeries can be done. Of course, hospitals have an enormous backlog of procedures, which means ASCs can take up the slack so hospitals can continue to prioritize COVID-19 cases.
  2. Today’s patients are looking for the safest way to have their postponed surgeries and Surgical Centers are considered a safer alternative to hospitals. And for good reasons. One study shows that post-operative surgical site infection rates are six times lower for ASCs than hospital outpatient surgery departments.
  3. Patients are also looking for costs savings since the pandemic has hit most people’s pocketbooks. ASCs are a lower-cost option than hospitals.
  4. ASCs can choose to extend their operating hours without a significant cash outlay. They have the ability to operate more efficiently and accommodate patients with lower cost alternative. This provides them with a great opportunity to thrive.
  5. Surgeons like ASCs. In fact, many hospital-based surgeons are now exploring the opportunities to continue working with ASCs, which could strain the partnerships between hospitals and ASCs. It will be a very competitive marketplace as quarantine restrictions are lessened.
  6. Payers also like ASCs since it is a less expensive option for outpatient surgery. We expect to see more procedures moving to Surgical Centers in the near future.
  7. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently implemented the “Hospitals Without Walls” policy with allows ASCs to contract with healthcare systems to provide hospital services and bill like hospitals during this emergency. It’s expected that CMS will expand its list of ASC-payable codes/procedures in the near future.

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