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Which X-Ray Equipment Do You Need For Your Chiropractic Clinic?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, May 22, 2024 @ 10:05 AM

Chiropractic healthcare depends on the correct diagnosis, which requires X-rays of the spine. Radiology and X-rays can reveal the structure and alignment of the spine as well as evidence of scar tissue, arthritis and other issues.Which X-Ray Chiropractic The standard care for chiropractic radiology has traditionally been X-rays. They can be used for musculoskeletal assessment, spinography, spinal biomechanical analysis and spinal rehabilitation. Having the right equipment in your chiropractic clinic is essential for patient diagnosis and care.

It’s important to find the right imaging solutions to fit your space, integrate with your current workflow and provide cloud-based data storage. The good news is, even the most advanced chiropractic imaging devices can be adaptable and deliver the kind of return you want from your investment. Plus, digital radiology solutions are more affordable than ever.

The Plusses Of X-Ray Systems

If you’re searching for advanced X-ray solutions for your chiropractic clinic, rest assured that today’s devices are easy to install and can fit in virtually any X-ray room. They can be floor or wall mounted and can provide head to toe, upright positioning. They have handle-controlled magnetic lock brakes and you can also choose optional upper cervical modification.

Digital Radiology (DR) solutions are considered the gold standard of chiropractic diagnostic X-ray imaging. These DR devices have a digital flat panel detector (FPD), imaging workstation with software, and image preview with Smart devices. Plus, they can be retrofitted with any X-ray system.

If you are looking for X-ray equipment for your chiropractic practice, it’s wise to take a close look at refurbished or used X-ray equipment. They cost significantly less and deliver the level of performance that you need for your practice. In addition, you’ll get service warranties that will protect your investment.

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