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Best 15: CT Low Dose Radiation Articles

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Aug 6, 2014 @ 10:08 AM

Do you need more information on best practices to lower your CT dose? We have complied a list of informative articles to answer many questions you may have and explore options that can assist you today.

safect_15_best_1CT Dose Projects

YVMH developed a CT dose reduction project that was and remains committed to improving patient safety through the application of ALARA  in every CT dosing decision.  To date...

Since August 2012, Imaging Healthcare Specialists (IHS) in San Diego has achieved what they say is one of the lowest dose levels for CT scans nationwide, in some cases reducing exposure by 90 percent.

Patients in an underserved area of the U.S. now have access to high-quality, low-dose lung cancer screening because of a mobile CT unit equipped with a universal CT image reconstruction add-on system.

A Video- Dr. Michael Shapiro, Vice President of Medical Arts Radiology in Huntington, NY talks about his experience with the SafeCT an iterative image reconstruction product that enhances low dose CT images.

Smart Dose Standards

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has published XR 29 Standard Attributes on Computed Tomography (CT) Equipment Related to Dose Optimization and Management. XR 29, also known as MITA Smart Dose, includes four key features of CT equipment....

There are three distinct steps that we see CT providers taking to reduce patient radiation exposure on their CT scanners today.  Lets take a look at these actions....

After reading "Are you ready to comply with new radiation safety rules?” on February 6, 2014 by Neomi Mullens, a article in Aunt Minnie, I was impressed that...

Case Studies

A 50-year-old male weighing 80 kg (body mass index: 22 kg/m2) underwent follow up chest CT for further evaluation of indeterminate focal ground glass opacity in the right lower lobe. The patient had symptoms of..

A recent article in the “Journal of the America College of Radiology/Vol. 9 11 November 2012 by John O. Johnson, MD and Jon M. Robins, MD” provided a thorough examination of the risks of CT Radiation Doses and the strategies that are being incorporated to combat that risk.

Marketing Low Dose

Patients want answers, so they can make more informed decisions for themselves and their families. Learn how to get the word out about your low dose solution...

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