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C-Arm Image Intensifier - 9" or 12" Size?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 15:02 PM

Watch Stuart Egles demonstrate the differences between a C-Arm's image intensifier size.  He explains the benefits of the 9" and 12" image intensifier.

When purchasing a C-arm size does matter.  C-arms come in different sizes as well as the image intensifier.  Knowing the right size is a good first step!  You also need to know whether the size of your power generator is strong enough for your proceedures.

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Atlantis Worldwide will be producing C-Arm videos as a guide to help you before purchasing medical imaging equipment. This is the first in a series of C-Arm 101.

 This video is under two minutes -so not the time to break out the popcorn yet!




In the following weeks we will have C-Arm 101 videos to watch, on the horizon is:

  • C-Arm Connections
  • C-Arm Swival, Swing & Circle

Stay tuned to the Atlantis Blog!

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