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C-Arm Technology Helps With Pain Management

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Aug 31, 2022 @ 12:08 PM

Thanks to technological advances, there are now more accurate ways to dispense injections of medication for pain management.Pain C-ARM Tech That means patients experience faster recuperation, decreased pain and increased mobility. In addition, spine and para-spinal related pain disorders no longer depend only on surgical methods to aid a patient’s ability to heal through painful episodes. Best of all, third party payers that are responsible for costs associated with serious spinal pain syndrome embrace the options that are now available to patients.

Physicians are now gravitating to the use of C-arm pain management technology for many reasons.

  • Diminished radiation exposure concerns
  • Decreased amount of medication needed to treat patients
  • The time needed per patient for prolotherapy injection treatments is reduced
  • Injections are an early line of pain management defense and increase mobility
  • Success rates increase since physicians can visualize specific needle placements more accurately and objectively when they are delivering steroids and other pain relief medications
  • Physicians using C-arm technology are more confident in providing treatment options for patients who are long-time sufferers
  • When a patient experiences almost immediate pain relief with prolotherapy injection under C-arm guided fluoroscopy, it relieves the pressure of moving forward with surgical intervention or more invasive procedures
  • Injections can give patients an opportunity to potentially begin permanent healing

How Physicians Train for C-Arm Pain Management

Physicians working in the field of pain management now train in fluoroscopy imaging and related spinal anatomical study of the vertebral column. They also must train in C-arm pain management applications for preferred fluoroscopic imaging. This includes practicing with needle tip placement based on proven and tested procedures. With today’s responsive C-arm software applications and software advances, physicians can be brought to competency much more quickly.

The continued advancement of the use of C-Arm technology in pain management is exciting, as is the development of more advanced medical imaging devices and techniques. If your healthcare facility has medical imaging needs, be sure to talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide. Oftentimes, a refurbished C-Arm, MRI or X-Ray system can provide the performance you need at a much lower price point, without sacrificing robust warranties. Talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide.

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