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Handheld X-Ray Device

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Jan 5, 2022 @ 12:01 PM

Clinicians can now conduct X-Ray imaging of small bones in the extremities right at the point of care, thanks to OXOS Medical.Hand X-ray OXXOS Medical is a medtech spinoff out of Georgia Tech. The device is named the Micro C, and has been cleared by the FDA.

The device was designed to prevent situations in which clinicians have to handle and operate large machinery to perform X-Ray imaging of small bones from the shoulder to the hand and the knee to the foot. It can also be deployed during surgical procedures, allowing surgeons to capture images more easily than by using large, fixed equipment. Because Micro C is small and portable, it could help provide access to medical imaging in low-resource and remote areas of the globe.

Micro C emits very low levels of radiation, when compared with traditional X-Ray imaging equipment. It can also provide X-Ray videos that allow clinicians to perform guided injections or study bones in motion.

Evan Ruff, CEO of OXOS Medical said, “X-Ray is the first medical imaging modality going all the way back to Röntgen 1895. X-Rays started being widely used in medicine around WWI, with Marie Curie building a portable machine and taking diagnostic images on French battlefields. The digital C-Arms and Mini C-Arms that you see in surgery today really started evolving in the late 1990s, but then innovation stagnated. Micro C is the first new radiographic imaging form factor in quite a few decades.”

Gregory Kolovich, Chief Medical Officer of OXOS Medical said, “Micro is a six-pound emitter paired with a digital 6” x-ray cassette. The device allows for capturing the distal extremity from the shoulder to fingertips and knees to toes. I use the device in both surgery and the clinic. In surgery, the agility is excellent for the hard-to-capture views, and in the clinic, having the imaging device right there when I’m doing an exam is terrific. Micro C makes me a more efficient surgeon. Also, when I’m going to our satellite clinics, I’ll take it with me; that way, I know I’ll have the right modality as soon as I arrive.”

Product roll-out began in July and OXOS is “installing devices as fast as we can.” Patient feedback has been extremely positive because they don’t have to go to another area, wait for images and then wait to revisit the clinician. Now the patient can see the image instantly, together with the clinician, which enables them to be part of the care process. This can create more trust between the provider and the patient.

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