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Mini C-Arms Make a Big Impact

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Oct 4, 2017 @ 10:10 AM

Ever since the mini C-Arm broke onto the scene in 2004, it has had a significant impact on medical imaging.  After all, it delivers digital imaging technology that’s easily portable.  High quality images can be accessed at multiple locations at the same time, andMini C-arms.jpg can be transmitted over long distances without being distorted.  

C-Arm vs. Mini C-Arm

While the mini C-Arm and conventional C-Arm both use X-rays to provides images, the mini C-Arm offers many advantages.

  • It’s smaller in size, so you get better workplace access
  • The mini C-Arm is surgeon-operated and doesn’t require a radiographer
  • It can reduce delays and lower the cost of surgery
  • It also reduces the screening time and scattered radiation dose for the patient, surgeon and theatre personnel
  • You get better accuracy and enhanced maneuverability

A mini C-Arm produces a small detector area, uses lower laser power, has tight beam collimation and uses the new technique of pulse fluoroscopy.  Because it’s so simple to use and compact, it’s popular for routine use, especially for hand, ankle and foot surgeries.  Mini C-Arms have also contributed toward making procedures less invasive and costly.  This is especially true with bunion surgery, facture dislocations, intra-articular injections, stress views and fracture fixations.

Before you think the mini C-Arm is the end-all, be-all, it’s important to note some of the disadvantages:

  • The image quality of a traditional C-Arm is better, because the mini C-Arm has a small low power X-ray generator and a small field of view.
  • The mini C-Arm can only be used for extremity surgery, while a conventional C-Arm can be used for both axial and extremity surgery.

Talk To An Expert

Is your practice, healthcare facility or hospital ready to add a mini C-Arm to your arsenal?  If so, you might be surprised to find out that refurbished and previously used mini C-Arms are available and much more affordable.  In addition, you also receive exceptional warranties to protect your investment.  Why not talk to an expert at Atlantis Worldwide to see if a refurbished C-Arm is right for your practice?  We’ve been providing refurbished and preowned medical imaging equipment to healthcare providers, physicians, clinics and hospitals for more than 25 years.  Contact Us Today!

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