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Portable Bone Densitometer Enters U.S. Market

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Oct 28, 2020 @ 10:10 AM

U.S. clinicians have a new tool in their arsenal to diagnose osteoporosis, thanks to Italian-based Ecolight Medical, the manufacturer Portable Bone Denof EchoS. EchoS is the first radiation-free, portable bone densitometers that can diagnose and determine a patient’ risk of osteoporosis by using advanced ultrasound technology to measure bone density in the lower back and femoral neck (hip). It can assess a person’s risk for osteoporosis within minutes and without radiation.

More than half of Americans aged 50+ years have a high-risk of bone fracture. This makes osteopenia and osteoporosis both urgent health issues. In fact, more women die from the effects of osteoporosis every year than cervical and breast cancers combined.

The technology was launched in 2017 and is now widely used throughout Europe. A U.S. headquarters is opening in Seattle.

Currently, DXA scan machines are used to measure bone mineral density and fracture risk, but it’s costly and sometimes inaccurate. It’s been cleared by the FDA.

EchoS is small and weighs less than a DXA machine. It’s also portable, so it won’t rely on a traditional hospital-based imaging environment. In addition, EchoS provides an increased level of accuracy and diagnostic reproducibility over DXA scan machines. As a rule, there are more errors in 90% of DXA examinations due to outdated software, older equipment and inconsistencies in calibration.

"This device offers a safer, economical and more precise approach to assess bone health," said Echolight President Doug Tefft. "Echolight's expansion into the U.S. will give clinicians across the country an advanced software-assisted tool to diagnose, treat and monitor osteoporosis."

R.E.M.S. technology allows EchoS to produce accurate and consistent results without statistically significant variation between operating technicians or machine.

"R.E.M.S. is a simple, accessible, relatively inexpensive method for assessing future fracture risk and evaluating an estimate of bone mineral density with a modality ultrasound that does not contain ionizing radiation," said International Osteoporosis Foundation President Professor Cyrus Cooper.

In order for older adults to maintain mobility and independence, optimum bone health is essential. With early diagnosis and treatment, continued monitoring and certain lifestyle changes, their risk of fracture decreases and their quality of life can increase.

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