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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Used Mammography

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Oct 13, 2021 @ 11:10 AM

Are you in the market for a used or refurbished Digital Mammography Device? There are many different models for sale, including from General Electric:  Senographe Essential, Senoclaire 3D Tomo and the Pristina 3D. The Hologic Systems are: Selenia and Dimensions 3D Tomo.Used Mammo

There are many things that will affect the pricing of these systems, but the most important factor is usually how the system was de-installed, shipped and stored. Before you whip out that checkbook to buy a system with a price that fits your budget, be sure to get this information.

  1. Find out the system’s history. If the system has been de-installed and stored, and there’s no history of its functionality at the time of removal—beware. If you don’t have access to the Error Log or copies of service documentation, you don’t have a record of when it was used, calibrated or verified. If it was professional de-installed, there should be records available that verify QC testing.
  2. Ask how the system was inspected. Systems should be inspected before they are de-installed, which will let you know how the components and accessories are performing. There should be calibration/testing results as well, including the all-important ACR phantom image test, the flat field calibration test and the bad pixel test. Without these test results, you should pass on this particular system.
  3. Find out how the systems has been stored. Make sure the system you are considering buying has been stored in the proper climate-controlled environment. These systems are highly sensitive to temperature extremes and sudden changes in temperature. If your seller doesn’t know this, assume the worst and walk away.
  4. How will the system be shipped? Be sure to get specifics. These systems have to be packaged incredibly well—ideally in a durable, temperature-controlled Pelican brand case, which is the industry standard for fragile components. It should be shipped on an air ride-equipped truck or air-shipped.

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