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Refurbished PET/CTs: Top Choices

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Fri, Jun 21, 2024 @ 09:06 AM

When it comes to finding the best refurbished PET/CT equipment on the market, it can be a daunting task to navigate through the sea of options without the right industry knowledge.PETCT Choices That's why many people turn to experts to help them answer the burning question, "What is the best refurbished PET/CT equipment today?" As we look forward to summer, stay tuned for more updates on the latest offerings from industry-leading manufacturers like Siemens, GE, and Philips as we continue to explore the exciting world of refurbished PET/CT equipment.

If you're in the market for the best options available on the secondary market, look no further. Stay tuned as we delve into the latest and greatest offerings in the world of PET/CT.

GE Discovery MI PET/CT

The GE Discovery MI is at the top of the list when it comes to high-end systems. With its impressive 128 slices, Time-of-Flight capabilities, and a range of specialized applications including cardiac, oncology, neurology, research, and clinical use, this machine truly stands out from the rest. Not to mention, it also boasts Digital Detectors, making it a standout in terms of technology and performance. Looking ahead to 2024, we can expect to see more of these top-of-the-line systems making their way into the market, offering unmatched quality and innovation to healthcare facilities worldwide. 

GE Discovery 690 PET/CT

This system is equipped with time-of-flight LYSO detectors and is typically outfitted with advanced programs for cardiac, oncology, and neurology imaging. With a unique detector configuration designed for sensitivity and efficiency, the GE Discovery 690 offers researchers and clinicians the necessary tools to explore new clinical techniques, drug discovery, and motion management. The system's MotionFree imaging technologies improve small lesion detection and image quality, especially in areas affected by patient motion. By combining molecular imaging with advanced volume CT technologies, the GE Discovery 690 provides ultimate diagnostic flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency. With the ability to reconstruct PET images in minutes instead of hours, this system is a game-changer in improving workflow and detailed studies.

GE Discovery IQ PET/CT

For those seeking an entry-level system in the world of refurbished PET/CT equipment, the GE Discovery IQ PET/CT is a standout option to consider. Available in 3-, 4-, and 5-ring configurations, this system offers top-notch cardiac and all-purpose imaging capabilities. With options for 16-slice imaging and compatibility in both mobile and fixed configurations, the GE Discovery IQ PET/CT is a versatile and reliable choice for healthcare facilities looking to invest in advanced imaging technology. 

GE Discovery 710 PET/CT

Look no further than the GE Discovery 710 PET/CT for outstanding technology. With its compact design, this machine is meticulously engineered to fit into modern healthcare environments without compromising on functionality. But that's not all - patient comfort is a top priority with the GE 710 CT/PET, ensuring a comfortable experience even during lengthy procedures. And when it comes to workflow integration, the intuitive software makes it easy for healthcare professionals to focus on patient care. Plus, with advanced resolution capabilities, you can expect clear and detailed imagery for definitive diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Consider the GE Discovery - the flagship PET/CT on the secondary market, with options ranging from 16 to 128 slices and other features like time-of-flight.

Philips Vereos PET/CT

The Philips Vereos PET/CT is truly a gem in the world of refurbished imaging equipment. With its innovative features and high-end technology, this system stands out from the rest. The LED lighting strips around the entire gantry, 64 slices, digital detectors, and time-of-flight and LYSO detectors make it a top-of-the-line option for healthcare facilities looking for the best in PET/CT imaging. Its exclusivity and rarity only add to its appeal, making it a coveted choice for those in the market for advanced imaging solutions. As we look ahead to the future of PET/CT equipment, the Philips Vereos is sure to continue making waves in the industry with its cutting-edge capabilities.

Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT

Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT is another exceptional addition to the world of refurbished imaging equipment. With its cutting-edge technology and capabilities, this system is a game-changer for clinicians in the fields of oncology, neurology, and cardiology. The use of 4mm LSO crystals ensures rapid scintillation and improved image quality, allowing for better visualization of small lesions while minimizing radiation exposure. The built-in automation features streamline workflows and increase productivity, making it easier for healthcare facilities to cater to a wide range of patients and expand their service areas. With the ability to use all commercially available PET tracers, clinicians can address a variety of clinical indications with precision and efficiency. The Quanti-QC system further enhances efficiency by running quality control procedures overnight, saving valuable time for clinics. 

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