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Removing Your Mammography System?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Feb 21, 2024 @ 12:02 PM

Do you have a buyer for your current mammography system? If so, there are a lot of details to take care of in order to have a stress-free experience.Relocating Mamm0 The experts at Atlantis Worldwide put together this list of things to do in order to save time, money and frustrations in the removal process.

Step 1: Check with the property manager for the equipment site and see if there are guidelines about when equipment can be removed. Connect the building site manager with the vendor who will be doing the equipment removal so they can coordinate all details.

Step 2: Remove everything from the room that is not part of the mammography system.

Step 3: Collect all accessories including pads, accessory carts, phantoms, manuals and software that go with the system. The buyer will want all of these. Put them in the same place so technicians won’t have to search for them.

Step 4: Schedule an electrician for the day of the equipment removal. The power will need to be on in order for the removal technicians to test the equipment’s functionality and position the equipment for safe transport. After that inspection is completed, you electrician will need to disconnect it safely.

Step 5: When the techs arrive on the day of equipment removal, they will perform a visual evaluation of the system. They’ll test it for functionality, test the calibration and take inventory of all of the accessories. This will take less than one hour for an analog system and two hours for a digital system.

Step 6: If your mammography system passes all of the tests, payment arrangements are made and equipment removal will begin. Your electrician will remove the system for the power source and lock out the breaker panel.

Step 7: The technicians will disconnect and remove the cables between the system components. They’ll pack up the accessories, remove the detector (if it’s a digital unit) and prepare all of the components for shipping. This can take a few hours. The process can take place with the door closed, with minimal disturbance to your staff and patients.

Step 8: The techs will move the system and all of the accessories and components and crate it before transporting.

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Do you have additional questions about selling and removing your mammography equipment? Talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide. We’re happy to provide guidance regarding this process so the equipment removal will be a hassle-free as possible.

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