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Solving Power Quality Issues in Radiology Equipment: Key Solutions

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Apr 3, 2024 @ 11:04 AM

One of the most common reasons for equipment failures at health care facilities is insufficient power quality. Power quality problems wreakPower Quality havoc on computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammography, ultrasound, general X-ray equipment PACS systems and bone densitometry. It can result in downtime, repairs and even imaging equipment replacement. It also has a negative effect on patient care, schedules, appointments and customer satisfaction. Worst of all, equipment failures caused by power quality problems aren’t usually covered by warranties or service contract.

The most common power quality issues include improper grounding connections, loose connections, and unusual transformer wiring. Add in the general infrastructure aging, weather and wear and tear and power quality issues can easily arise. That’s why it’s wise to thoroughly check the health of your power systems annually.

Grounding issues can cause the following problems:

  • System lock-ups that result in the need for a technician to reboot or reset the equipment
  • Randomly appearing or intermittent software errors
  • Hardware failures
  • Random imaging artifacts that can come and go in frequency and intensity
  • Interference from or interaction with unrelated imaging systems in your facility
  • Failure of a variety of software, boards, parts, computers, peripherals and components at once, that can result in service technicians spending hours diagnosing and repairing equipment

Transformers can be another problem area. Annually, your technicians should examine your transformer to make sure it is installed correctly. Be sure to check all terminals, fittings and connections and make sure they are tight and installed correctly.

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