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Top 10 CT Scanner Articles

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @ 11:08 AM

Do you need help in planning for a CT Scanner or perhaps need to replace one?  We have complied a list of 10 blogs on CT that can assist you.  You can choose the best articles to help you compare, decide and plan for an CT Scanner. 

Info-Graphic: CT Scanner Acronyms FYI

Questions about CT scanner acronyms? Here is an info-graphic to use as a reference! CT_Scanner_Top_10-1-1


Back in the early 1900s, Nobel Prize-winning physicist (and father of x-ray technology) Wilhelm Roentgen wrote a letter of one of the first manufacturers of x-ray tubes. In it, he asked the company for a better discount on x-ray tubes, because he needed quite a few and the cost was too expensive.

CT Scanner: Air Cooled vs Water Cooled

When a hospital or imaging center has small lapses of operation due to down time it is inexcusable.   Your CT scanner has many moving components that are electrical, and the heat in the gantry can build up rather quickly. Cooling is a major requirement when it comes to modern multi slice CT systems that are designed to accommodate up to 100kW of tube power and very high patient load. Hence you need to keep the system and room chilled to prevent over-heating.

Looking to purchase a CT? Answer these Six Questions First!

This outline should bring in focus on clinical, not just technical specifications. 

“Sweet” 16 Program: Finding the Perfect 16 Slice CT

Like so many things in life, there’s a belief that “bigger is better” in CTs.  The more slices you get, the better, right?  Not necessarily.  There are lots of different things to consider before you decide which CT is right for your hospital, facility or practice.  

CT Scanner Slice: Handy Guide

Are you thinking about replacing your CT Scanner in order to meet increased demand? Are you considering the addition of a new CT Scanner to offer a different imaging modality to your practice? Before you make a final decision, one of the most important considerations is the number of data slices you need—or think you need.

Siemens Emotion CT Scanners: The Slice Difference

As the market for refurbished CT’s continues to grow, our customers have been asking for information about a wide variety of CT systems for 6-slice, 16-slice and 64-slice CTs. While Atlantis Worldwide can provide you with virtually any refurbished CT system, today, we’re going to focus on the Siemens EMOTION.

GE LightSpeed CT vs. BrightSpeed CT: The Main Differences

By far, the LightSpeed is still dominant over the BrightSpeed in systems installed.  Part of the reason for this is that it took some time for the BrightSpeed to catch on, particularly in the USA.  Initially, it was seen as the ‘budget version’ of the LightSpeed, and typically had fewer standard options.  However... 

How to Choose the Best Veterinary CT Scanner for your Practice

CT Scanner or “computed tomography” has been used on animals since the 1970s.  It has grown in popularity in veterinary medicine in recent years, because it can provide high image quality and enable vets to make more definitive diagnosis.  It can help you identify the best options for treating your pet patients.  Best of all, CT Scanners have become more affordable for use in veterinary practices.  Before you decide to add CT Scanning to your practice, there are some important considerations.

4D CT Scanner: The Future is Here

Seems like every time we turn around, science fiction is becoming a reality. There’s talk of a drone that can explore Mars. Cars can park themselves. And yes, now there’s a CT scanner that can show users animated 4D (yup, more than 3D) models of organs, blood vessels, soft tissues, muscles, vascular structures and bones. In real time.

So you think you’re ready to buy medical imaging equipment.  And maybe you are.  But the reality is, many physicians, practitioners, clinic managers and medical administrators may THINK they’re ready to buy, but oftentimes, they haven’t even done the basic homework that will help them determine if they’re actually ready to buy.

If the 10 CT Articles did not answer your questions, don't worry.  Jeff Weiss our expert on CT is available to fill you in on anything else you need to know. Feel free to contact him at 212-366-9100 or email  



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