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What Is The Longevity Of Your Cath Lab Tube?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, May 8, 2024 @ 12:05 PM

Good question! If you have a Cath Lab, you want to know how long your Cath Lab tube or X-ray tube will last. Does it last as long as a CT tube?Longevity Cath Lab Tube The reality is, as a rule Cath Labs don’t track the tube usage in the same way as other modalities. While it’s hard to know exactly how long a Cath Lab tube will last, the experts at Atlantis Worldwide can shed a little light on this. After all, they’ve been working with CT scanners, X-ray machines and other medical imaging systems for more than 31 years.

As a rule, Cath Lab tubes last between 5-8 years. When looking at top sellers in the marketplace, we’ve learned:

  • The Siemens Megalix CAT and CAT Plus will last around five years
  • The GE Performix 160A has a lifespan of roughly eight years
  • The Philips MRC 200 0407 and MRC 200 0508 will last about eight years as well

What Factors Affect Cath Lab Tube Life? 

The major factor that will affect your Cath Lab tube life is its intensity of use. The higher the power level it runs at and the longer the tube runs affects how long it will work. If a tube is operated at moderate conditions, it will last longer than one that consistently runs longer and at higher intensity.

Can I Extend The Life Of My Cath Lab Tube?

In order to help your Cath Lab tube to live a longer life, be sure to keep the tube chiller in good working order by staying on top of regular maintenance. This can keep it operating at maximum efficiency. It’s also important to use the prescribed warmup sequences in the morning and shutdown sequences at the day’s end. This allows temperature changes in tube power to be gradual and therefore less stressful on the Cath Lab tube. Another great idea is to utilize the services of a maintenance service provider on a regular basis. It will help you protect the life of your Cath Lab tube.

Talk To An Expert

The experts at Atlantis Worldwide are happy to answer any questions you may have about maintenance requirements for any medical imaging equipment. Should you be in the market for a medical imaging solution and want a more affordable price, it’s wise to consider purchasing a used or refurbished system. You’ll get the performance you want plus the warranty coverage that will deliver peace of mind.

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