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When Is Mobile MRI The Right Choice?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Sep 27, 2023 @ 15:09 PM

Mobile MRI is increasing in popularity over MRI Suites, but why? Well, sometimes a Mobile MRI is just a temporary solution,MRI Mobile choiceslike if you have to build an in-house MRI Suite or perform repairs or renovations. Using a Mobile MRI enables you to continue to provide the medical imaging needed by your patients until construction is completed.

Another instance where Mobile MRI makes sense is if you haven’t offered MRI imaging in the past. If you want to provide MRI imaging but don’t have room or funding for an MRI Suite, a Mobile MRI is a great solution. By operating a Mobile MRI, you’ll be able to see how much demand there is for your MRI services. This can help you determine if it makes economic sense to invest in an MRI Suite. By using the Mobile MRI, you’ll also be able to see which type of equipment would be right for your permanent MRI Suite. For example, if most of the images you take are of patient spines, you wouldn’t want to purchase an extremity-only medical imaging device.

If you don’t have room to add an MRI Suite to your facility, a Mobile MRI is a great option. Or, if your current MRI Suite is too busy, adding a Mobile MRI can help you handle the patient load without having to renovate.

Another reason to use a Mobile MRI is when you want to offer a technology upgrade but you just don’t have the budget to replace an older MRI Scanner with a newer one. Plus, technology is developing more and more rapidly. It might be wise to upgrade your equipment with a Mobile MRI, instead of purchasing it outright.

It’s important to remember that the images created in a Mobile MRI can be as high quality as those created in an MRI Suite. Most Mobile MRI run 1.5T or higher technology, which can be superior to legacy in-house units.

Of course, the MRI experience in a Mobile unit is not the same as that in an MRI Suite. However, with the right equipment, technicians, training and software. you can provide high quality MRI imaging with an MRI Mobile unit.

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