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C-Arms: Transforming Orthopedic Surgery & Practice

Posted by Alex Silbergleit on Tue, Apr 4, 2017 @ 15:04 PM

The complexities of the human body require a vast assortment of specialized practitioners who can provide treatment in their chosen area of expertise. One of the most important areas of specialized medical practice is orthopedics.Orthopedic and C-arms-1 Orthopedics is the branch of surgery focusing on conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, or to put it more simply, the muscles and skeleton.

Orthopedic specialists or orthopedic surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical techniques to treat injuries and trauma of the musculoskeletal system. Conditions covered include general issues with bones and muscles as well as larger concerns such as muscle tears, bone breaks, spine diseases, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders. One of the most common areas of practice for orthopedic specialists is sports related injury.

Orthopedics is not only one of the most competitive fields of medical practice it is also one of the most highly specialized. The further development of an area of expertise is one reason why many orthopedic surgeons elect to continue training after completing their initial residency. Specialties within the field of orthopedics are often directly connected to a part of the body. These specialties include: spine, foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow, and hand. Other specialties include, joint reconstruction (arthroplasty), pediatric orthopedics, musculoskeletal oncology, trauma medicine, plastic surgery, and sports medicine, among others.

In Orthopedics Your C-Arm Matters

The inherent internal nature of almost all orthopedic conditions and corrective procedures means that orthopedic surgeons are extremely dependent on their diagnostic imaging equipment and radiologic teams. Whether traditional surgery or computer-assisted, having a clear image of the procedure being performed is of the upmost importance for delivering successful outcomes. For these reason the use of mobile C-arm technology has helped to revolutionize orthopedic practice.

Orthopedic practitioners need highly adjustable C-arm machines that can be configured and maneuvered into place for a wide range of body parts. Choosing the right system that can provide the best possible image while simultaneously improving doctor and patient comfort and safety is of upmost importance.

Choosing The Right C-Arm for Orthopedics

Consider what is important for your procedures-

  • Ease of use
  • Fast and easy positioning
  • Image transmission
  • High resolution images
  • Fast cooling rotating anode tubes

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