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Comparing Siemens 3T MRI Scanners

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Oct 21, 2020 @ 12:10 PM

Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality 3T MRI systems. In fact, in the past 15 years, they’ve introduced seven different 3T models to the medical imaging market: Vida, Lumina, Skyra, Prisma, Verio, Spectra and Trio.3T Siemens MRI

Impressive, right? However, if you’re looking for the ideal used or refurbished 3T MRI Scanner for your practice, hospital or medical facility, it can be confusing. How do you know which of the seven models is right for you? The experts at Atlantis Worldwide put together this information to make things easier for you to decide.

First, here’s what you WON’T find yet on the refurbished equipment market: The Vida and Lumina. They’re too new to make it to the secondary market.

Siemens TIM Trio MRI

This was the first 3T system that was introduced by Siemens. While it looks similar to their Avanto and Espree systems, it has a 60cm bore size. Keep in mind that the 60cm bore is inherently more stable than a 70cm, and provides a more homogeneous field. However, the magnet is not zero boil-off and the gradients are impressive, at 45 amplitude and 200 slew rate. It also comes with up to 32 RF channels. This will be your lowest Siemens entry cost into a 3T MRI. The good news is, if you need a more robust system in the future, it’s upgradeable to the Prisma. This is your best low upfront-cost option on the market.

The Prisma MRI

The Siemens’ Prisma 3T was introduced in 2013. While it’s also a 60cm bore system, it includes zero helium boil-off technology. It has some of the strongest gradients on the market—80 amplitude and 200 slew rate. It also has the much faster TIM 4G and offers up to 128 RF channels. It also has DOT, a new user interface that allows personalization of MRI scans from patient to patient. It also has TrueForm Technology, which, unlike producing the typical elliptical, it produces cylindrical magnet homogeneity which corresponds better to human anatomy and minimizes “shading” effects to enhance image quality. The Prisma system also includes TrueShape, which allows the technologist to selectively highlight regions of the body. This enables them to see an enhanced, smaller field of view that wasn’t possible in previous systems.

Siemens Spectra MRI

This system has been around since 2012. The system is zero boil-off and includes TIM 4G, up to 24 RF channels, DOT and TrueForm. At 33/125, the gradients are less powerful and also draw less power. The Spectra has a usage cost up to 18% less than typical MRI scanners, thanks to a few additional power-saving technologies. It’s also easier to site than other 3T systems by Siemens, which makes it great for locations with space limitations. It’s overall footprint is smaller than both the Prima and Trio and the magnet weight is 50% of the Prisma’s. This is the best choice on the market if power and space are issues. It’s also the best for whole body studies.

Verio MRI by Siemens

This is a 70cm bore model, but it also has a zero boil-off magnet. It was introduced at the same time as the 1.5T Espree and has a similar overall appearance. While it didn’t originally come with DOT onboard, it can be easily added. Many of the Verio units on the secondary market will already have this upgrade. It can handle up to 32 RF channels and has 45/200 gradients.

And Finally, The 3T Skyra MRI

It can be a little more difficult to find the Skyra on the secondary market but it’s the one many are looking for. It combines the best features of all of the Siemens 3T units—200 slew rate, 128 RF channels, TIM 4G, DOT, TrueForm and TrueShape. Plus is has zero boil-off 70 cm bore magnet with no fills for 10 years.

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