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CT Scanner Trends

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 @ 11:03 AM

Computed tomography is one of the most valuable tools used for diagnosis. It’s a special type of imaging that allows physicians to view organs and bones non-invasively.CT Trends The CT Scanner allows X-rays to travel through the body, capturing multiple angles of a cross-sectional image. These X-rays are compiled into a 3D representation, which are then stored and examined on a computer. Algorithms are used to reconstruct the images in a readable format.

CT Scans are often used to diagnose many different cancers. While some forms of cancer are dropping in the U.S., like colorectal and cervical cancers, cancer is still a health crisis.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the CT market will grow by almost 6% annually between now and 2026. Today’s scanner manufacturers are now enhancing their CT scanner models with more productivity-enhancing features. These features include quality, dose, workflow, artificial intelligence technologies, intelligent user interfaces, precision and speed. Let’s take a closer look.

Accuracy, Precision and Speed From Aquilion Exceed LB CT

Canon Medical Systems USA Inc has introduced this CT system that has the potential to enhance the treatment of cancer patients by oncologists. It has the ability to reduce radiation dose exposure, increase patient throughput and improve accuracy. The technology delivers high-quality, high-resolution volumetric, 3D reconstruction images in a cost effective and clinically relevant manner.

  • It has a 90cm bore opening
  • It offers an edge-to-edge extended field of view reconstruction (90 cm)
  • It provides sharper, clearer and more distinct images
  • It has wide detector coverage (4 cm)

Siemens Intelligent User Interface with Somatom X.ceed CT Scanner

This CT scanner by Siemens Healthineers features both a high level of resolution unlike any other single-source CT system with high speed scanning capabilities. There’s also a new hardware/software combination that simplifies CT-guided interventions.

  • It has a 262 mm/sec scan speed that provides a consistent image quality across the entire field of view
  • The fast rotation speed of .25 seconds reduces motion artifacts when scanning moving structures like the heart
  • The rotation speed ensures a high native temporal resolution
  • The .4 X .5 scanner focal point enables increased spatial resolution that better detects deep-seated small and medium-sized lesions
  • You get a 1,300 mA power reserve for higher power. This enables a high level image quality for larger patients. It also expands the utilization of low dose and low contract medical techniques, including low kV imaging
  • With myExam Companion user guidance software, artificial intelligence helps simplify and standardize scanner operation for every user. This is also a new decision tool for trauma imaging
  • You get immediate assessment of CT perfusion results thanks to the myExam Satellite feature. This is a game-changer in emergency radiology

Revolution Ascend With Effortless Workflow by GE Healthcare

This CT Scanner offers a collection of AI technologies that will automate and simplify tasks that are time consuming. By increasing operational efficiency, clinicians will have more time to deliver more personalized care for more patients.

It has a lower table, a larger new 75 cm-wide gantry and 40 mm detector coverage. It will accommodate high body mass index patients and trauma patients that can be too delicate to maneuver in a smaller gantry.

  • It features Effortless Workflow, a new suite of AI solutions that personalizes scans automatically and accurately. It also requires less effort form the CT technologist.
  • A suite of embedded intelligent tools called the Clarity Operator Environment provides optimal scan range settings, dose and image quality for every patient. It delivers great efficiency and more personalize medicine across critical care areas.
  • Auto Positioning uses real-time depth-sensing technology that generates a 3D model of a patient’s body. It also has a deep learning algorithm that determines the correct table elevation and cradle movements which align the center of the range scan with the isocenter of the bore.

More To Come

More and more manufacturers are working on improving existing workflow enhancements. There will be more strides in productivity and faster exam times. Look for more advanced software and hardware solutions, too. Just remember—not every Medical imaging facility will need the newest technology in order to serve their patients. Refurbished and used medical imaging equipment can provide the performance you want and the service warranties you need. Talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide to discuss the best solutions for your needs.

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