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Do You Know About Service Costs For Your CT?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Aug 10, 2022 @ 12:08 PM

Are you thinking of buying a CT Scanner for your practice, hospital, urgent care or healthcare facility? Or did you recently buy one?CT Service Tips If so, you’re probably researching what service costs will be. There are many factors that determine what your service costs will be. The experts at Atlantis Worldwide put together this information to help you understand service costs for CT Scanners.

There are several factors that affect the cost of service for your CT Scanner:

  • The age of your CT Scanner
  • Where your facility is located
  • Whether parts are readily available
  • The make and model of your Scanner
  • How length of time you’ll need a service contract
  • How many CT Scanners you need service for

Let’s take a closer look at each factor.

How Old is Your CT Scanner?

The older your CT Scanner is, the less expensive it is to service it. That’s because there are more parts available on the secondary market and there are more engineers who have experience working on those CT Scanners. However, if your CT Scanner is exceptionally old, it can be more difficult to find replacement parts but as a rule, parts are usually available.

Where Is Your CT Scanner Located?

Is your facility in a major metro area or a rural area? If it’s in a metro area, it’s usually less expensive to have your CT Scanner serviced. The cost is affected by the engineer’s cost for lodging, a rental car, fuel and airplane tickets. The lower the travel expenses, the lower the cost for a service provider will be.

Can You Find Parts?

As with all machines, parts will eventually fail and have to be replaced. The more difficult it is to find, the more expensive the part will be. In addition, some parts are only available from the OEM, which makes them more expensive.

How Much Coverage Do You Want?

The more coverage you want, the more expensive your service coverage will be. Yes, you can add coverage for accessories and other components that are usually excluded, however, it’s an added risk to the service provider and the price will be higher in order to cover it.

The Make And Model Matters

Some systems are just easier to work on than other ones. The easier it is to work on, the less it will cost to service. If parts are readily available, the cost is also less. In addition, if lots of engineers can work on the system, the cost will also be less.

How Many Units Do You Have?

If you’re just having one unit serviced don’t expect any deals. However, if you have multiple systems, you’ll get lowers service costs per system if you purchase coverage for all of your systems at the same time. You’ll save even more if you buy coverage for multiple years for multiple units.

What’s The Average Cost of Service?

Here are the average OEM costs for comprehensive full service coverage for one system.

  • GE 4-8 Slice:   $42,000-$74,000
  • GE 16-64 Slice: $66,000-$82,500
  • Philips 4-10 Slice: $50,500-$91,000
  • Philips 16-64 Slice: $54,000-$93,500
  • Siemens 2-6 Slice: $51,500-$80,500
  • Siemens 10-64 Slice: $78,000-$111,500
  • Toshiba 4-64 Slice: $66,000-$90,000

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