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MRI Comparison – Siemens Espree vs Siemens Avanto MRI

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:01 PM

These two 1.5T MRI models have a lot in common which can make a decision a bit more complicated.  So how do you choose what Siemens MRI comparedblog1 option will fit your needs?

What the Magnetom Espree and Magnetom Avanto MRI have in Common:

We have listed what they do have in common and there are more features that they share then not.  The most obvious is the magnet strength - 1.5T.  Both Siemens MRIs were manufactured around the same time and are based on the TIM (Total Imaging Matrix ) platform running software VB15-VB19.  They both have the same gradient systems using XXL power stages.  They also share the same coils, except for a few. Take a look at all the same features both the Espree and Avanto MRIs have below:

  • Whole Body Clinical Application
  • Field Strength 1.5T
  • 5-Gauss Fringe Field Radial Axial, m- 2.54
  • Cryogen Refill Period Approximately 10 years
  • Cooling System - Water
  • CPU Memory Size, MB – 4 GB RAM
  • Image Storage Memory Type – CD-ROM, DVD-R
  • Image Storage Media Image Image Capacity – 25,000 256 x 256
  • DICOM 3.0 Classes Supported
  • Display Monitor & Area L x W, cm – 1280 x 1024 full screen
  • Simultaneous Scan & Reconstruction
  • Channels (Min, Max Configuration) – 8, 18, 32
  • Parallel Imaging Features (Name, ImageKspace) – iPAT, mSENSE & GRAPPA
  • Non-contrast Angiography
  • Spectroscopy – CSI & SVS
  • Motion Compensating Radial Techniques – Std 2-D PACE
  • Brain Volume Imaging
  • Table Width (moving part) - 54cm
  • Table Capacity - 550lbs
  • Table Vertical Travel, cm (min height-scan height) - 47 Min H
  • Table Lateral Movement Range - 243cm
  • Patient Cooling Features – In bore ventilation (3 levels)
  • Patient Illumination Features - In bore lighting (3 levels)
  • Patient Operator Call & Intercom
  • Power Voltage (line voltage, phases) – 380 400 420 440 - 460 480V
  • AC, BTUhr (for entire system) – 10 kW34, 146

Here are all the differences listed below:

Comparing MRI Avanto-Espree.jpg

The Espree 1.5T is finding its way on the secondary market.  This system has an ultrashort bore that easily gives patients more comfort.  It also allows for multiple coils to be connected for multiple simultaneous studies.

The Avanto MRI is also on the secondary market and a bit more affordable. 

Both Siemens’ MRIs are fantastic systems and would be a great addition or upgrade to many hospitals and imaging centers. The Espree 70cm bore is what makes it an attractive system for patient comfort and popularity.  The Espree is a little more difficult to find pre-owned and also more expensive, because of higher demand.  The Avanto has many of the same features as you can see above and also is less expensive.

Approximate MRI prices installed will vary based on the whether you purchase a 8, 18, or channel system and software and coil configurations:

Siemens Magnetom Espree MRI:  $550,000 to $700,000

Siemens Magnetom Avanto MRI:  $450,000 to $600,000

At Atlantis Worldwide, we’re always here to help with your refurbished MRI needs.  To find out more, contact one of our experts today.

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