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The End Of An Era: GE Innova 2100, 3100 & 4100

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Jan 18, 2023 @ 12:01 PM

Does your medical imaging facility use a GE Innova 2100, 3100 or 4100? If so, you’ve probably received the notification that GE has declared EOS (end of service) for those models.EOL GE Innova But, there’s no need to panic. While there are changes ahead, you’ll still be able to access parts and receive service. Let’s look at the realities.

Most systems are designated EOS 10 years after the last year the medical imaging device was manufactured. When it’s declared EOS, the manufacturer is declaring an official date that their obligation ends for offering parts and service for the device. It also means they don’t have to update or retrofit the system into compliance with ever-changing government standards.

The main reason OEMs use EOS is to have users upgrade to a newer model. While newer systems deliver improved technology, better image quality, faster workflow and greater patient comfort, they also come at much higher prices.

However, just because your system is declared OES doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. For example, if you have an existing service contract with the OEM, they are still legally bound to support your system until your contract expires. Secondly, when OEM support does end, you can still get service and parts through third parties, which usually have enough resources to keep your EOS system running for a few years.

EOS Can Actually Save You Money

It might be hard to believe, but sometimes an EOS designation can help your bottom line.

  • If your OEM is no longer going to provide you with service and you’re a few years away from upgrading your system, you might find that independent service options can actually cover your Innova system for 25-35% less than what you paid your OEM.
  • You can consider relocating your 2100, 3100, or 4100 to your outpatient facility and upgrading to a new system at your main campus.
  • You could sell your current system and buy an upgraded system.

Talk to an Expert

If you’re not sure exactly what to do now that your Innova system is being declared EOS, talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide. We’ve been helping healthcare facilities find ideal medical imaging solutions for 30 years and would love to help you.

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