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Troubleshooting Problems With C-Arm Batteries

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Jan 31, 2024 @ 10:01 AM

Do you have a C-Arm system in storage? If so, are you planning on storing it for more than a few weeks? If so, there’s some important information you need to know about C-Arm batteries.Tips C-Arm Bat

C-Arms do not thrive in storage conditions. Long-term storage can drain generator batteries or result in dead CMOS batteries. Let’s take a closer look at both battery problems.

Drained Generator Battery

The generator batteries on C-Arms will drain and potentially become damaged if they are left in storage or neglected for a long time. The good news? Usually if you charge the batteries for four hours, the battery will recharge. However, if this does not recharge your battery, chances are you’ll have to purchase a replacement battery.

Dead CMOS Battery

A CMOS battery on your C-Arm system powers the memory that stores BIOS settings on the computer. If your C-arm has been dormant for a while, when you try to power it up, the system date and time maybe be incorrect or slow to update. If that happens, in all likelihood the battery that is charging your CMOS is near to or at its end of life.

These batteries are small, inexpensive and available at electronics stores. However, the installation process can be challenging (depending on the model of your C-arm) and it’s usually best left to a biomed or service engineer.

As with all C-arms, at some point any battery will fail. However, you can defer the hassle of replacing them—and the cost— by keeping your C-arm plugged in if you’ll be using it in the near future. It will also improve the overall longevity of your C-arm.

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