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C-Arms - The Perfect Tool for Veterinarians

Posted by Alex Silbergleit on Tue, Oct 4, 2016 @ 11:10 AM

As healthcare and diagnostics improve for human patients, so it does for members of the animal kingdom.  And perhaps one of the most important tools to improve treatment for dogs, cats, horses and other mammals are C-Arms. Before you think your practice can’t afford one, think again.  There are plenty of used and refurbished C-Arms on the market that can make a Mobile C-Arm a reality for your practice. Even if you have limited space, in all likelihood there’s a C-Arm that will work for you.

Yes, a new device is always cool.  But a refurbished Mobile C-Arm still lets you offer your patient’s human owners some peace of mind and answers to questions regarding their pet’s condition.

C-Arms are great for diagnosis and even surgeries. It allows you capture images of a specific body in motion, a technique called fluoroscopy. It’s commonly used in urethral stent placements, dynamic airway examinations, minimally invasive fracture repair, pulmonic stenosis balloon valvuloplasty, pacemaker implantation and more. Plus, C-Arm technology can reduce the length of time a patient is under anesthesia and can shorten recovery time. 

There are many different C-Arm options that are perfect for veterinarians, including:

Philips BV Pulsera C-Arm— With a 7.5 kW generator, so you get solid image clarity and versatility.  It’s as powerful as top shelf OEC equipment. And now they use fast cooling Philips rotating anode tubes so there’s no longer cooling time issues.  This is a must-have for busy vet offices.

GE/OEC 9800 C-Arm—You get premium performance and decades of service.  Consider the “gold standard” of Mobile C-Arms, it a great choice.

GE/OEC 9900 C-Arm—Yes, this replaces the 9800, and it will be a little more expensive.  It has a similar performance level of the 9800, but will have a stronger generator, flat screen monitors and a USB input.

Siemens Compact L C-Arm—This small portable delivers remarkable C-arm images and ultimate maneuverability.  This can be ideal for dogs and cats but won't be ideal for bigger animals.

Ziehm Vista C-Arm—You’ll like the fact it offers 45 degree of rotation and includes a monitor cart with dual resolution monitors.

These are just a few of the C-Arms on the market.  There is also a large variety of C-Arm Tables that are perfect for veterinary practices. 

If you’d like to add a C-Arm to your arsenal of tools for your practice, talk to an expert at Atlantis Worldwide today.  We’re happy to help! Contact Alex Silbergleit- Click here!

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