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Why Upgrade From 2D to 3D Mammography?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Oct 11, 2023 @ 13:10 PM

Still using a 2D Mammography system? No doubt you’re wondering if it’s time to make the leap to a 3D system. The experts at Atlantis Worldwide2D-3D mamooct have put together this list of reasons why now is the perfect time to make the shift.

3D mammography was approved by the FDA in 2011 and has become the standard of care within hospitals, physician’s offices and imaging centers.

During 2015, more and more insurance companies began paying for these 3D scans since studies show it to be more accurate than traditional 2D mammography in early detection of breast cancer.

Today, both patients and referring practitioners ask for and expect 3D studies, which is a compelling reason to upgrade from your 2D mammography system to a 3D one.

Another compelling reason to upgrade to a 3D mammography system is the lower x-ray dosage for patients. For example, Hologic’s C-View software offers early detection while minimizing the radiation dosed patients experience during a scan. The C-View feature is available on some Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo units that have a 1.8.3 software level or higher.

Another good reason to upgrade is the recent bump in reimbursement dollars for offering 3D studies. To expedite your return on investment, you could purchase a refurbished 3D mammography system, instead of a new system.

Another consideration is that many mammography machines are running on a Windows 7 platform. Yet, IT departments are moving to Windows 10 to increase security. Win10 3D unites are now showing up on the secondary market. The only way to upgrade a current system from win7 to win10 is OEM. Should your 3D mammography system run on win7, your only option for an upgrade is OEM. If you have a 2D mammography system and want to move up to a 3D system that runs Win10, a smart choice would be to find a refurbished or pre-owned system.

Perhaps the best reason of all to purchase a refurbished 3D mammography system is financial—you can save $500,000-$100,000 if you buy a refurbished system instead of a new system. And you could probably find a buyer for your current 2D system on the preowned market.

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The team at Atlantis Worldwide can help you determine if the time is right to make the leap to a 3D mammography system and whether your system can be sold on the secondary market. We’ve been helping healthcare facilities save money and still get the performance they want by buying refurbished medical imaging equipment for more than 30 years. We’d love to help you.

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