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GE OEC C-Arms Vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arms

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 15:04 PM

The first question everyone wants to know is what is the price difference between GE OEC C-Arms and Philips Pulsera C-Arms. GE OEC is more expensive – this is a definitive fact of the world we live in, like the earth being round. 

OEC C-Arm Price vs Pulsera

Both Philips and GE OEC are great C-Arms.  However our customers have overwhelmingly preferred the GE OEC brand over any other manufacturer for the last twenty years.  Over the years OEC has maintained approximately 70% market share in the C-Arm marketplace – this fact illustrates the popularity of OEC C-Arms over all of their competitors and influences all aspects of the buying of C-Arms.


Maintenance and Repair

OEC C-Arm vs Pulsera C-ArmBecause of the huge market share of GE OEC products, it is much easier and less expensive to service and repair OEC C-Arms.   There is an enormous supply of parts and many more qualified third party ISO (Independent Service Organizations) available to service OEC C-Arms.   Philips C-Arms in particular may require proprietary software only available from Philips to service and repair certain aspects of the C-Arm.


Basically the OEC and the Philips C-Arms both function well and provide quality images and applications for your specific needs.   Most customers are equally happy with either OEC or Philips C-Arms.

The Power of your C-Arm

OEC Philip C-Arm Chart 

Depending on the procedures you will be applying you might need a more powerful C-Arm.

Features Versus Costs

Essentially the main issue in selecting a GE OEC or Philips C-Arm is a price versus functionality and age decision.   Because of the Philips Pulsera’s significantly lower prices, you can purchase a much newer C-Arm with newer features for the same or less money than the equivalently priced OEC C-Arm. 

As you can see from our price chart:

OEC C-Arm vs Philips Pulsera

Although most of our clients prefer OEC, Atlantis Worldwide does support and sell many different C-Arms from Siemens, Philips, GE, Genoray, Comed and Ziehm and all are excellent C-Arms and depending on what your procedures and budget are there is a C-Arm for you.  We are C-Arm experts and can help you choose a great C-Arm for your facility.  If you have a C-Arm now that you love we would like to hear about it too.  Maybe our next blog can be about your experiences and what works well for you.

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