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What You Need to Know About X-Ray Tube Supply Chain Issues

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Jun 29, 2022 @ 10:06 AM

Almost every industry has been affected by the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, and medical imaging is no different.Chain Supply X-ray So, how has it affected the availability of X-ray tubes? How are the vendors dealing with the issues? And how does it affect you?

What Buyers Can Expect

For the next 9-12 months, end users are in for a surprise: the availability of new OEM X-ray tubes will decline to such a level that it may be a challenge to find replacements, even for common models. That means there will be higher demand for third-party options, including after-market, repaired and used X-ray tubes. This will stress out the supply in this market, too.

Why Won’t I Be Able To Find X-Ray Tubes?

There are two key reasons why it will be more difficult to find X-Ray tubes.

  • Because there are disruptions in the supply chains for sub-components in X-Ray tubes, production is slowing. Since X-Ray tubes are used in medical devices, each part goes under intense scrutiny. If a primary part isn’t available, it’s not easy for a manufacturer to arrange for a substitute without dealing with regulatory approval.
  • Back orders for new X-Ray equipment are tying up OEMs’ tube manufacturing capabilities. The tubes that are currently being made are going into a new X-Ray system that’s already been sold. Normally, some of these tubes would be going to parts warehouses to be used as replacement parts.

Thanks to these two issues, it will be harder and harder to find a brand new, OEM X-Ray tube—unless you consider a used, repaired or after-market tube.

What Are My Alternatives?

If you’re in need of X-Ray tubes for your current medical imaging devices, you have two options: Used X-Ray tubes and Tube Reprocessing.

There’s still a strong supply of used tubes in the third-part parts market. Just make sure you buy from a high quality parts provider so you’re sure the part has been tested and validated for functionality. Sometimes you’ll even get a limited warranty. These are always priced much lower than brand new X-Ray tubes.

Tubes that have been reprocessed are tested, validated and also put through processes that correct arcing, air bubbles or impurities that can damage a tube over time. This will extend the overall lifespan of the X-Ray tube.

Because of this, the price point will be somewhere between the cost of a new X-Ray tube and a used one.

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