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Do you use Radiopaque Anatomical Markers for X-Ray?

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Tue, Jul 26, 2016 @ 10:07 AM

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories on the news.  A patient goes into surgery to have his or her left knee replacement surgery Radiopaque_X-Ray1and instead, the right knee gets replaced.  Or a patient has a punctured left lung, but the surgeon mistakenly inserted a chest tube on the right side instead.  So how does this happen?

Oftentimes, it’s because Radiopaque Anatomical Markers were either not used, or misrepresented right from left.  And while some practitioners don’t think it’s as necessary as it used to be, thanks to Computer Radiography and Digital Radiography and the ability to digitally annotate right and left after the image has been taken.  But sometimes the old fashioned way is actually the better way.

Radiopaque Anatomical Markers have been place within the primary beam of radiographs for good reason—it’s a fool proof way to distinguish a patient’s right from left on radiographic images.  It removes the danger of misinterpretation, like if a patient has a condition like dextrocardia (the heart is positioned on the right instead of the left) or situs inversus (the internal organs are located on the opposite side of the body that usual.)  And when it comes to medical diagnosis and sub sequential surgical procedures, fool proof is the better way to go.  Whether using CT Scans, MRIs, performing mammography or other radiologic technologies, Radiopaque Anatomical Markers are the way to go.

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