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Power Problems That Can Harm Your Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, May 18, 2022 @ 12:05 PM

One of the biggest concerns about owning diagnostic imaging equipment is its susceptibility to power problems.power problems These can be massive events, like total power failures and lightning strikes, or they can be caused by surges, swells, brownouts, sags, spikes or small flickers. However, if you understand the different kinds of power problems your medical equipment can be exposed to, you can identify and prevent potential problems. The last thing you want to do is take a wait-and-see stance and face large repair bills, glitches during procedures or even have to cancel patient appointments.

What Is A Flicker?

A flicker is a momentary power outage that causes a brief service interruption. It usually lasts 60 seconds or less. A flicker can shut down electronic devices and appliances in your facility.

Flicker can be caused by:

  • Tree branches making contact with a power line
  • Accidents involving vehicles and electrical equipment
  • Lightning strikes
  • Accidents at construction sites involving power lines
  • Electrical Company equipment being affected by salt spray or extreme weather
  • Damage to underground equipment

What Is a Surge?

A surge is a rapid short-term increase in voltage. These are often caused by unexpected burdens on an electrical system (like lightning) during which a brief but intense increase in the amount of electricity happens. A surge can also happen when high power demand devices (like air conditioners) turn off and the extra voltage is dissipated through the power line). Sensitive electronic devices need a constant voltage, so a surge can stress delicate components and cause premature power failures.

What Is A Spike?

A spike is when an extremely high increase in voltage happens in a very short duration that’s measured in microseconds. They are often caused by lightning, when power comes back on after an outage. Spikes can damage or even destroy sensitive electronic equipment. That’s why electronic equipment should be turned off during a power outage. Be sure not to turn the power on again until a few minutes after power is restored. Be sure to turn on one device at a time.

What Is A Swell?

A swell is a short-term increase in voltage which can lead to stressed or damaged electronic components. This can cause premature equipment failure.

What Is A Sag?

A sag is also referred to as a brownout. It’s a rapid short-term decrease in voltage which it usually caused by the simultaneous high power demand of many electrical devices like compressors, motors, etc. The effect of a sag starves electronic equipment of power which causes unexpected crashes and the loss of corrupted data. Sags can also reduce the efficiency and life span of equipment like electric motors.

What Is Noise?

Noise is a disturbance in the smooth flow of electricity which is referred to as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). It can be caused my electronic devices and motors in the immediate vicinity or far away. Noise affects the performance of some equipment and introduces glitches and errors into data files and software programs.

What Is An Outage?

An outage is also referred to as a blackout. It’s a total loss of power for a period of time. They are usually caused by excessive demands on a power system, accidental damage to power lines and even lightning strikes. Outages can also cause unexpected data loss. A partial power outage—when the power goes out in only part of a facility—can be caused by a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker or a broken connector or wire at one of the service leads to a building.

What Kind Of Power Issue Am I Experiencing?

  • Electrical Equipment Issues: Most likely a surge or a spike
  • Air Conditioning Interruption: Sag, flicker or well
  • Flickering Lights: Probably a sag, swell or flicker
  • Shrunken TV or computer picture: Sag
  • Computer Turning Off And On: Flicker
  • No Electricity In Entire Facility: Power Outage
  • No Electricity In One Room: Partial power outage

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