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ROI For Veterinarians with Digital X-Ray Equipment

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Wed, Aug 16, 2023 @ 11:08 AM

Medical imaging equipment isn’t cheap, so when you invest in it, you should start getting ROI immediately. In order to get the maximum return on investment,ROI For Veterinarians with Digital X-Ray here are important factors to consider as you select X-ray equipment for your veterinarian practice.

Determine The Shielding

Each state has different regulations regarding shielding, so you’ll need to research the requirements in your state and city and get a shielding report from a physicist. The physicist will review the blueprint of the room where the medical imaging equipment will stay, the materials the walls are made of, what’s on the opposite side of the walls and the estimate usage of the medical imaging equipment. This information will be used to create a shielding plan.

Register The Equipment

You’ll need to register your medical imaging equipment with the state so they know which equipment is being installed and in use.

Plan Your Electrical

A licensed electrician should be able to read and understand the electrical requirements for your X-ray machine. It’s always wise to have your X-ray supplier visit your facility to make sure you have the proper electrical in place before installation begins.

Space Planning

Your vendor or a veterinary clinic design specialist should help with planning the space for the equipment. Many veterinarians want their X-ray room to be located near the surgical suite, in case of emergencies.


On installation day, your team should be in place before the equipment arrives. The equipment should be brought into the lab, set up, installed and tested. Make sure the electrical and shielding requirements have been met.

X-Ray Software

You’ll want to be sure that your X-ray software matches your new X-ray system. This software makes it easy to send images because the software is stored locally on the computer.

Same-Day Installation, Training And Support

Installation and training should be finished in the same day. Your staff will be trained and images should be reviewed. You also want to be sure that you have a good support team that can access your computer remotely, so they can see what’s on the screen and troubleshoot any issues.

Talk To An Expert

The medical imaging equipment experts at Atlantis Worldwide can help you determine the right equipment to meet your veterinary clinic’s needs, where it should be located and what service contract you need. We’ve been helping clients with their medical imaging needs for more than 30 years and would love to help you.

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