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OEC C-Arms, Philips C-Arms & Siemens C-Arms “Oh My”

Posted by Alex Silbergleit on Tue, Jun 14, 2016 @ 15:06 PM

There are so many options in the world today. Should you get Verizon, AT&T or Sprint cell phone service? Should you buy an iPhone or a Samsung cell phone? PC or Mac computer? You can spend hours reading up on all your options in life but when C-Arms_OEC-PhilipsSiemens1
push comes to shove, any of these options will fulfill your needs. The same is the case for C-Arms. Is an OEC any better than a Philips or Siemens C-Arm? Or Ziehm for that matter? I'm sure there are people on both sides of the argument. So let’s look at the question 'what C-Arm should I buy?' from a different perspective...


Ok, so maybe the cost of a C-Arm is not looking at it from a different perspective. You can learn more about the market value of C-Arms by checking out our 2016 price guide HERE.  When deciding to purchase a C-Arm you should consider the price of a C-Arm and its value. You may value a Philips Pulsera for $55,000 more than an OEC 9800 for $65,000. To some facilities, the cost of a C-Arm is just as important as the quality. 


How old a C-Arm is another important factor to consider, especially when you weigh it with the cost. An OEC 9800, which is often perceived as the gold-standard refurbished C-Arm, is manufactured between 1999 to present. Comparable Philips and Siemens C-Arms are manufactured between 2005 to present. We refurbish our C-Arms to combat some of the age concerns one might have, and prior use is always a more important factor to consider, but if you feel more comfortable with a younger C-Arm then that should definitely impact your decision. 


While each manufacturer makes similar systems, there are minor differences. OEC 9800s can be bought as a Super C which is ideal for larger patients. Siemens and Philips C-Arms were manufactured with flat screen monitors (OEC 9800s were not but are upgradable CLICK HERE). Siemens C-Arms often have built in laser aimers. The Ziehm Quantum and Ziehm Solo are one piece systems which is ideal for smaller office spaces. While all these C-Arms can perform the same procedures, there are benefits to each.


How easy it is to service your C-Arm might be the most important thing to consider. If you live in Chicago or New York City you're safe no matter what C-Arm you buy, but if you live in Helena, Montana it’s probably something you should consider. OEC has the largest install base in the Unites States and with that being so, there are the most third party engineers to work on your equipment. You can always contact the manufacturer but that tends to be costly and response time is not always as quick. 

Personal Preference

When push comes to shove, the most important thing to consider is personal preference. Chances are you are going to to rely on your C-Arm weekly, if not daily, and feeling comfortable with it is very important. If you have a Doctor or an X-Ray technician that has a preference you should definitely take that into consideration. If your facility is outfitted with one manufacturer across all modalities, it probably makes sense to buy a C-Arm in line with that manufacturer, especially if there is an all-encompassing service contract. 

So to wrap this all up, everybody always wants the best. The problem is "the best" is not so easily defined but hopefully after reading this article, you are one step closer to figuring out what C-Arm is the best for you! You can also check out our C-Arm Comparision Guide by clicking on the link below!

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