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Top 13 C-Arm Articles!

Posted by Vikki Harmonay on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 09:08 AM

We realize that there are many options when purchasing a C-Arm, so we decided to compile a list of 13 informative articles to assist you!  

C-Arm Prices

C-Arm Prices 2013: Philips C-Arms & Siemens C-Arms
Searching online for C-Arm prices? You found them! Search no more: we have listed prices for the most popular Philips C-Arms and most popular Siemen C-Arms in our info-graphic.

C-Arm Price Guide 2018 Infographic
Searching online for All C-Arm prices?  Search no more; we have specs and prices in our cool infographic.  As a leader in refurbished and used C-Arms we want to help you with C-arm questions and identify the best solution at the appropriate price.

C-Arm Tipslucky_13blogS

C-Arm: Safety Tips
C-Arm fluoroscopy is used in many areas and you should be aware how to protect your surgeons, patients and staff from the invisible dangers of radiation.  Time, distance and shielding are the basic guides for safely using radiation.

Do you keep your C-Arm Plugged In?
Did you know by keeping generator batteries charged they will last longer- hence keeping your C-Arm plugged in at all times is healthy for your C-Arm!  Watch Stuart Egles our expert C-Arm guru explain how to properly plug in your C-Arm.

Buy a C-Arm on eBay? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!
Speaking to each doctor for around 30-40 minutes and going over their needs I have discovered that their first instinct is to go to eBay and check out the costs of C-Arms.

C-Arm Movement Swivel & Swing

Watch Stuart Egles demonstrate the way a C-Arm moves.  The C-Arm's rotation determines the ease with which certain procedures are accomplished

The A, B, C’s of Purchasing C Arms
Deciding to purchase a C-Arm for your practice is easy enough, but choosing which one is appropriate for you can be a little more complicated.

ROOM - Size Does Matter When Purchasing a C-Arm
If you do not have a C-Arm yet, but are planning on purchasing one soon, you should consider where the C-Arm procedures will be best performed.  What size room do you need to house the C-Arm and table?

Refurbishing a C-Arm Inside and Out

Purchasing a refurbished C-Arm is a great investment for a private practice that is just starting out, a cost-conscious hospital looking to upgrade their radiology equipment, or any medical facility that is looking for a sensible solution while maintaining a high quality of care.


They Look Identical, Right? OEC 9600 C-Arms & OEC 9800 C-Arms
These days, there’s an increased popularity in “Spot the Difference” photos.  You see them on the internet, in Facebook, in popular magazines—at first glance the photos seem identical.  But look closer, and there are some real differences.

C-Arm Image Intensifier - 9" or 12" Size?

Watch Stuart Egles demonstrate the differences between a C-Arm's image intensifier size.  He explains the benefits of the 9" and 12" image intensifier.

The Right C Arm… or the Left? Which is Best For You?

Whether you are a physician looking to open up a pain management practice, or a facility thinking of expanding to add surgical procedures, you will need a C-Arm system.

Choosing the Right Pain Management C-Arm Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain
We know what’s it’s like.  Your healthcare facility, clinic or practice needs a new C-arm.  And everyone has an opinion.  This bright, new shiny toy that just came out.

If all the Lucky 13 C-Arm Articles did not answer your questions, don't worry.  Alex Silbergleit our expert on C-Arms is available to fill you in on anything else you need to know. Feel free to contact him at 212-366-9100 or email

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