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Ultrasound Frequency Variances for Diagnostic Imaging

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CT Service Contracts: What is Covered?

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Gemstone Spectral Imaging 101

1.5T & 3T MRI: Comparing Breast Images

Nashville ASCA “Roll the Dice C-Arm" 2019 Winners!

Medical Imaging Increases Number of Cancer Survivors

Is A Mobile MRI or CT Rental Right For Your Imaging Facility?

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How Nuclear Medicine Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry

3 Questions to Lead You to The Perfect PET/CT

What’s New in MRI Breast Imaging?

Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Is Rising In Popularity

CT & AI Making An Impact

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MRI vs CT - Which Is Right For You?

New Surgical C-Arm Launch by Philips

4 Comparisons: GE Optima CT Scanners

64 Slice, 256 Slice or 320 Slice CT System?

Which GE 1.5T MRI Is Right For You?

Single-Plane Or Bi-Plane Cath Labs: Which Is Right For You?

5 SIEMENS 1.5T MRI Reviews

A New CT Scanner Captures 3D Color-X-Rays

First Whole-Body PET/CT: 3D Image of Entire Human Body Captured

GE Healthcare Division Paperwork Filed

Sensible Solutions for Refurbished Radiology: The Best of 2018

Is Your CT Tube About To Fail?

Philips Acquires Air Force Patient Monitoring Technology

GE Healthcare Millennium Recall

What’s New & Happening at The RSNA Show?

$1.5B GE Capital Healthcare Equipment Financing Portfolio Acquired By TIAA

What is the Strongest MRI Machine Today?

New CT Systems For Coronary Imaging

MRI Gradient Coils: 101

So, You Need to Relocate Your CT Scanner….

Where Did We Get Your C-Arm? 3 Guesses…

Is 64 Slice CT Scanners Gaining Popularity Over 16 Slice CT?

Year End 179 TAX Break for Your Radiology Equipment Purchase

Comparing 1.5T MRI Gradient Slew Rates

Philips Launches MRI System for Helium-Free Operation

The Supply Chain of Your Refurbished C-Arm

Why Rent A Portable X-Ray System?

Hologic 3D Tomo Mammography System: What to Know..

Two CTs Compared: Canon Aquilion 64 & GE Lightspeed VCT 64

The Most Interesting MRI Articles

2 CT Tube Comparisons

How To Get The Most From MRI Coils

Tips to Prepare For X-Ray Machine Installation

Two CT Comparisons: GE Lightspeed VCT 64 vs Philips Brilliance 64

Updated Medical Imaging Room Designs Spurred by New Technology

GE Reshapes Company, Spin Off Healthcare Business

Diagnosing Osteoporosis with DXA & Quantitative CT

Two CT Scanner Comparisons: Siemens Sensation 64 & Philips Brilliance 64

Protecting the Cables on Your C-Arm

Which Philips MRI is Right For You? Achieva vs. Intera Achieva

New FDA Report Brings Good News for Medical Device Service

What Does McDonald’s Have to Do With MRI History?

The #1 Workplace Concern For Cath Lab Staff

Mobile C-Arm Technology Continues To Evolve

What You Need to Know About Buying a Pre-Owned Hologic Selenia Mammo

8 Terms Used in Chest X-Rays

Ambulatory Surgery Show: Roll the Dice C-Arm 2018 Winners!

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers Growing In Popularity

Comparing The GE Innova Digital Cath Lab Family: 2100, 3100 & 4100

Buying Medical Imagining Equipment Service? Questions to ask!

Its All About Surgery: Medical 3D Printing

8 Tips For Upgrading Your MRI, CT and PET/CT Equipment

2018 C-Arm Prices Info-Graphic

Sell Your Used C-Arm & Used MRI - It's Easy!

3 Bone Densitometer Comparisons

I’m seeing SPOTS…. on my C-Arm’s Images!

4 Tips on X-Ray Tubes

C-Arm Service Contracts – What Is & Isn’t Covered

MRI Comparison – Siemens Espree vs Siemens Avanto MRI

CR to DR: Digital Radiographic Upgrades And Options

MRI Cold Head Tips

10 Favorite Medical Imaging Articles 2017

C-Arm: Age is Just a Number

The Medical Device Excise Tax

New AIR Coil Technology Improves Patient MRI Experience

This Is Why AI Tools Can Help Radiologists

Siemens New 7T MRI Receives Premarket Clearance

Open MRI: GE Ovation Compared to Hitachi Airis Elite MRI

Toshiba Changing Its Name To Canon Medical As The Drama Continues

Trends in Mammography Equipment & Future of Women’s Health

End-of-Year TAX ALERT for Your Medical Imaging Equipment Purchases

What's Up? Wearable MRI - Holograms - Medical Imaging is Changing!

Mini C-Arms Make a Big Impact

Your Medical Imaging Equipment Gets Impacted By A Natural Disaster -Now What?

Top Vendors Named in Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Market

Problems with your OEC C-Arm? Don't Jump to Conclusions

Is Greenlight Medical Changing the Way Medical Devices are Procured?

5 Quick Reads From Our C-Arm Expert

Extend the Life of Your C-Arm with Image Intensifier Tips

Social Media & Marketing Tips for Your Medical Imaging Practice

5 Considerations When Relocating Medical Imaging Equipment

What Is the Difference Between a CT Scanner & a Cone Beam CT Scanner?

Your C-Arm Has Been Shipped - How Long Should It Take?

The 101 On Veterinary X-Ray Equipment

When Should You Evaluate Your Mammography Equipment?

Will 3D Color X-Ray Revolutionize Cancer Treatment?

How Can Artificial Intelligence Impact Radiology?

Advances in MRI Technology

Is Mobile CT a Good Solution for Smaller Hospitals Or Clinics?

C-Arm Warranty & Service Contract: What is Included?

Is It Time To Evaluate Your MRI Equipment?

Improving Radiotherapy with MRI

How to Avoid Headaches When Installing Medical Imaging Equipment

Back From D.C. with ASCA Roll the Dice C-Arm Winners!

9" or 12": What C-Arm Image Intensifier Size is Right for Me?

Go Worldwide: 5 Reasons to Shop Globally for Your MRI

Urology and C-Arms: The Perfect Combo

Six Key Considerations for Radiology Equipment Selection

C-Arms: Transforming Orthopedic Surgery & Practice

A Portable PET Scan?

Cyber Criminals Hacking Medical Imaging Equipment: Concerned Yet?

MRI Prices & Models Compared: Siemens MRI vs GE MRI

MRI Infographic: Closed Bore, Open MRI & Wide Bore

C-Arm Price Guide 2017 Infographic

Top 10 Tips for the Operating Theater Radiographer

Pioneering the Smallest MRI for Babies

Buying Used or Refurbished C-Arms:  How Old is Too Old?

C-Arms & Vascular Health

The Acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems by Canon

2017: The Year of C-Arm Knowledge

UltraSound on Your iPhone Approved


12 Favorite Medical Imaging Articles from this Year!

Around 275 B.C. Medical Imaging Was Born…Really?

The Future of Helium & MRIs

Philips C-Arm Manufacturer Spotlight

Technology Changing the Radiology Workplace

11 Fantastic Medical Imaging Sites for Up-To-Date Industry News

Top 7 C-Arms for Your Orthopedic Practice

2016 ASC Becker’s Conference Update

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms - A Look at the Future

GE OEC C-Arm Manufacturer Spotlight

3T MRI vs 1.5T MRI - Do You Know the Difference? 

Three GE Digital Senographe Mammography Systems Compared

C-Arms - The Perfect Tool for Veterinarians

The Future of Radiology and 3D Printing

From this day on…I take you Digital X-Ray

Siemens’ New SOMATOM Drive Dual Source CT Scanner is Approved

FDA to Focus on Medical Equipment Service & Refurbishment

Will This C-Arm Fit Into This Room?

Ultrasound Making a Comeback in Aftermarket Purchases

Two CT Scanners Compared: Siemens Emotion vs. Siemens Sensation

Breaking it Down: How PET/CT Works

Ins and Outs of Buying a Digital Rad Room

Do you use Radiopaque Anatomical Markers for X-Ray?

BE PREPARED! 4 Tips When Your C-Arm Is Not Working Correctly

What is the Weight of an Open MRI?

Why the Spike in CT Scanner Expenditures?

MRI System Safety, Roles and Responsibilities

6 Tips to Sell Your CT Scanner

OEC C-Arms, Philips C-Arms & Siemens C-Arms “Oh My”

Is a Mobile MRI Right for You?

Back From Texas with ASCA Roll the Dice C-Arm Winners!

A Buyer’s Guide to MRI Manufacturers

Your C-Arm Is Arriving - Is Your Facility Prepared?

How Long Should My CT X-Ray Tube Last?

Turn your Medical Imaging Into Hard Data: Quantitative Imaging Analytics

Should You Upgrade Your OEC C-Arm Monitors?

Do you use Mobile Devices for Medical Imaging?

MRI + CT + 3D Software May Predict Osteoarthritis

Your Guide for Assistance with XR-29 Regulations

C-Arm Refurbishment Process: “Seeing is Believing”

Fast Track to 2016 C-Arm Prices

X-Rays At Home? It’s all About Portable X-Rays

Your Image: The Importance of Upgrading Your Diagnostic Monitors

The Limitless Potential of 3D Printing in Healthcare

X-Ray Reimbursement to Decrease: Times Are Changing

10 Safety Tips for C-Arm Fluoroscopic Procedures

Next Generation MRI Technology On The Horizon

The Challenges of Creating a Mobile or “Battlefield” MRI

2016: The Year of Improving Your C-Arm

MRI Coil Failures & How To Avoid Them

What Toshiba’s Scandal Means To Medical Imaging Community

Changing the Game: Xbox to X-Ray

Most Interesting Medical Imaging Articles this Year

Top Mammography Articles

The New Era of Digital Medicine

RSNA: A Review of C-Arms

Can Your MRI Be Hacked?

The Difference Between Refurbished & Used Medical Imaging Equipment

CMS announced the rules: It’s coming! No delay for XR-29

Medical Imaging: Fueling the Future of Health Care

Be Sharp! Be Clear! C-Arm Monitors

7 Benefits of Medical Imaging File Sharing

Your Body Image: New Uses for DXA


Beating the Tax Man with Section 179: Medical Imaging Equipment

Mammography + Ultrasound + Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Medical Imaging is Helping Redefine the Future of Surgery

The Facts About Nuclear Medicine

3D Printing in Medical Imaging & Healthcare

Confused About MRI Coils?

Top 10 CT Scanner Articles

What’s really behind XR-29 follow-up paper?

Don’t Assume When You Buy A C-Arm Online

3D Tomosynthesis, Breast MRI or Digital Mammography?

Physicians & Social Media: Yay or Nay?

Closed Bore - Open MRI - Wide Bore - Don’t be fooled again!

Key Steps to Successful Dose Reduction and Safety

Time to talk PET/CT

C-Arms: The Importance of A Turnkey Solution

Most Common Artifacts in MRI

13 Ways to Decontaminate Medical Imaging Equipment & Protect Staff

MRI: Preventative Maintenance Made Easy

Reimbursements for lung cancer screenings - Will you get tickets to the show?

Back From Orlando with ASCA Roll the Dice C-Arm Winners!

Is Ziehm the RC Cola of the C-Arm Market?

CT Scanner Slice: Handy Guide

The Growing Need for MRI in Veterinary Medicine

Don't Get Stuck In One Position: C-Arm Table Movements

2015 C-Arm Prices: Hot off the press!

Choosing The Right X-Ray Isn’t Always Easy

Going Green with Refurbished & Used Medical Imaging Equipment

New Low Dose CT Mandates Bring More Questions Than Answers

How to Survive an MRI Without Freaking Out: The Facts

3 Top Components Make Your Digital Mammography Procedure Easier

Comparing C-Arms: The Ultimate Guide


What? A New C-Arm at a Pre-Owned Price?

Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Industry in Latin America

4D CT Scanner: The Future is Here

3 Philips C-Arms Compared: Which Is Best?

Are we lowering CT dose for patients – or for ourselves?

2015: The Year of the Functional C-Arm

Protect Yourself When Selling Used Medical Imaging Equipment

Diagnostic Imaging in the Veterinary World

Sensible Solutions for Refurbished Radiology: The Best of 2014

2014: A Year In Review for C-Arms

Capture It All... with MediCapture

The Secret Life of Used and Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment

C-Arm Refurbishment: A Step-By-Step Outline

100 Years of the RSNA —WOO HOO!

“What is the difference between OEC 9800 C-Arm and OEC 9800 Plus?”

Hands, Shoulders, Knees and Toes: A Love Affair with the Mini C-Arm

Selling Your Used Medical Imaging Systems vs Trading-in

National Radiologic Technology Week is Worth Celebrating

How Much Does it Cost to Lease a C-Arm?

Mammography or Breast MRI? Which is More Effective?

CAD + Mammography: The Perfect Combination

Radiologists, Healthcare and Social Media

C-Arm Prices 2014: Philips C-Arms & Siemens C Arms

Everything You Want to Know About Bone Densitometers

Open MRI: The Game Changer

What is an R/F Room?

15 Great Comparisons: Imaging Equipment: C-Arms, CT, Mammo…

Today’s Healthcare Cost Environment: What’s an MRI Facility to Do?

OEC Brivo Plus C-Arm, OEC 9800 or OEC 9900: Which is Right for You?

Best 15: CT Low Dose Radiation Articles

Service Contracts for Imaging Systems: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

Extend Your CT Tube Life by 40% or Greater

Expand Imaging Services into a Mobile or Modular Environment ?

5 Service Agreements for Your Used Medical Imaging Equipment

Medical Imaging: A Commodity, Or Golden Opportunity?

OEC 9800 Vascular C-Arm vs. Siemens Avantic C-Arm

Everything You Need to Know About RF Shielding for MRI

4 Tips On Maintenance & Service for Your Medical Imaging Equipment

Why Healthcare is Moving to Value

Top 10 MRI Blogs

Back From Nashville with ASCA “Roll the Dice C-Arm" Winners!

SIEMENS Separation: Does it Foretell Healthcare Division Sale?

Suspension of Philips CT Production: What Does It Mean to You?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers - What are the benefits?

8 Channel MRI vs. 4 Channel MRI—What is the Difference?

Tools to Improve Health & Decrease Insurance Costs

GE OEC C-Arms Vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arms

MD Expo 2014-Medical Equipment & Service Expo Buzz

CT Dose Management Solutions for “Smart Dose” Standards

CT Radiation Dose Reduction Project

3 Siemens Arcadis C-Arms Compared: Varic, Avantic & Orbic

Siemens Emotion CT Scanners: The Slice Difference

GE LightSpeed CT vs. BrightSpeed CT: The Main Differences

OEC 9800 or OEC 9900: Which C-Arm is right for you?

Your Roadmap to the Perfect MRI Installation

Top 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Cath Lab

The Difference Between Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis

#Heart Health Info-Graphic by Atlantis Worldwide

What if you could automatically reduce your CT Dose - Would you?

Twitter is Alive with Tweets about Urgent Care Centers

How to Choose the Best Veterinary CT Scanner for your Practice

Marketing 101: How to Attract New Patients with Your Low-Dose CT!

2014 OEC C-Arm Prices! Track Today's Market

Cloud-Based CT Dose Monitoring

The Big Question: Are You Ready For CT Dose Tracking?

Sensible Solutions for Refurbished Radiology: The Best of 2013

#RSNA13 Wrap-up: Radiological Society of North America Show

Extend The Life of Your Medical Imagining Equipment or Replace It?

Need Radiology Equipment? Put the 179 Tax Deduction to Work for You

What Steps are You Taking to Lower the Dose on Your CT Scanners?

2013 RSNA SHOW -The Power of Partnership

Atlantis Worldwide's Norman Tessell Earns FACHE

Premier & Health Trust now enable thousands of U.S. hospitals to take advantage of SafeCT

3 Considerations When Choosing a Digital Mammo System

CT, MRI & X-Ray: Emerging Market BIGGEST Concerns

Your MRI and Cryogen Venting

Plan Ahead For Medical Imaging Equipment Purchases

Before You Order That MRI: A Checklist

Top 4 Considerations Before Installing an MRI

Are you prepared for mandatory CT dose tracking?

Role of iterative reconstruction technique for low dose chest CT

Radiology as a Profit Center

Should your business lease or buy medical imaging equipment?

How Does an MRI Work?

Top 13 C-Arm Articles!

SafeCT: Reviews & Validation

Atlantis Extends Imaging Equipment Life with Software Upgrades

C-Arm Prices 2013: Philips & Siemens C Arms

Visit Atlantis Worldwide at AHRMM & AHRA SHOWS JULY 28-31

Medical equipment dealers will need GPO contracts to compete

Q & A: How One Practice Achieved Extreme Low Dose

C-Arm: Safety Tips

Info-Graphic: CT Scanner Acronyms FYI

“Sweet” 16 Program: Finding the Perfect 16 Slice CT

Atlantis Worldwide Relocates Headquarters to Manhattan!

Do you keep your C-Arm Plugged In?

Mobile CT brings low-dose lung cancer screening to underserved


Deliver the Right CT Dose!

Defining the Safe Use of CT -Radiation Safety Virtual Symposium

What Happened @ Radiology & Imaging Conference in Atlanta?

Back From Boston with ASCA Roll the Dice C-Arm Winners!

Concern Over Radiation Risks from CT Imaging?

Everything You Need to Know About C-Arms. Really.

Used MRI & CT Trade-ins: Get a Bang for Your Buck!

Buy a C-Arm on eBay? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Looking to purchase a CT? Answer these Six Questions First!

C-Arm Movement Swival & Swing

SafeCT - Dr. Shapiro's Take on SafeCT!

SafeCT's Four Technology Building Blocks

MRI's - Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a MRI

C-Arm Image Intensifier - 9" or 12" Size?

FDA's approved SafeCT Description Video

ROOM - Size Does Matter When Purchasing a C-Arm

2013 OEC C-Arm Prices in Today's Market

CT Scanner: Air Cooled vs Water Cooled

Trends: Managing and Reducing CT Radiation Doses

Choosing A Digital Mammography System: GE vs. Hologic

Pre-Owned Medical Equipment in Great Demand Overseas

The RSNA Low-Down on Low-Dose

If You Fell in Love with an MRI at RSNA, is it Time to Buy?

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Medical Equipment from a Stocking Dealer

The Most Important thing to Bring to RSNA: CT Images!

A Successful Dose Management Strategy Takes Teamwork

They Look Identical, Right? OEC 9600 C-Arms & OEC 9800 C-Arms

Where to Mount the X-ray Tube?

Marketing Your New Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

Refurbishing a C-Arm Inside and Out

Analog or Digital Mammography Equipment: Which is right for you?

The Right C Arm… or the Left? Which is Best For You?

Radiology Imaging Attendees Flock to RSNA in Chicago: Insider Scoop!

Secrets to Selling or Trading-in your Medical Imaging Systems

Relocating Medical Imaging Equipment: Five Easy Steps

The A, B, C’s of Purchasing C Arms

SafeCT: Makes Any CT Scanner Even Better

Choosing the Right Pain Management C-Arm Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain

Fashionable Do’s and Don’ts of Refurbished Imaging Equipment


To Upgrade Diagnostic Imaging Systems or Not to Upgrade?

HCP Reverse Expo Provides Important Imaging Connections

What happens when 100+ Radiology and Imaging Center Directors invade Miami?

A Change In Attitude: Bigger and Better Isn’t Always Best

So what is it you do again?

This big idea in imaging system sales was born in a tiny apartment